Twitter For Math Nerds!

Twitter is growing so fast! More and more people are on the site everyday. People keep telling us that it is just a trend, and that we will lose interest and move on to the next big thing. However, the way I look at it, and the way I experience the social networking platform, I feel that it will still continue to grow. People are starting to finally get it! More and more of the people I know who hated the site at first are using it now, and finding it very useful in terms of getting information first hand. I just smile when someone tells me that they are finally on Twitter and enjoying the experience.

The operative word here is experience. So many people on Twitter are obsessed with their numbers and their stats, and it affects them so much when their number of followers is not increasing. Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to have many followers, but that number should not keep you from enjoying the social networking platform if you do not have thousands. What counts is the experience, the conversation and the learning that you get from the people you follow and interact with on a daily basis. An office mate of mine, Paul Guadalupe, shared this funny and interesting video with me. It is about how a math nerd views Twitter. It is hilarious! Check out the comments as well, they are so funny!!! There are so many ways that people use Twitter, and they interpret their experiences in so many different ways. How do you interpret yours?

Image Source [Tomas Skopal / Shutterstock]