Twitter History Was Made! | Details On The 10 Billionth Tweet

It’s been so much fun on Twitter the past few days as everyone waited in anticipation to see who would be the one that was lucky enough to send the 10 billionth tweet and make Twitter history.

I’ve heard stories of super geeks trying to strategically figure out when the exact nano second should be in order to claim that perfect moment in time and be the one that sends that tweet. I’ve also heard of other people planning to stay up all night long tonight if they had to in order to watch history in the making.

Well, all the tweets have been sent and it’s time to unveil who and what that 10 billionth tweet was all about. Thanks, once again, to my genius friend @cheth who was able to precisely track this information, we are able to deliver it to you within minutes of it happening.

Who sent that tweet and what did it say?

The scoop is that the actual 10 billionth tweet was sent by a protected user and we can’t see it! However, the one immediately following was sent by @SheSz_FUcINgBAD and it said, “DON’T U EVER” The tweet sent immediately before it was sent by @lelamarques and it said, “ Urban Decay Photography”

Hmmm… somehow this whole thing isn’t so exciting after all. :)