Twitter Marketing & Revenue Strategies [Infographic]

There a lot of similarities between Twitter and Google when you really look at how they started out. In the beginning, Google, just like Twitter, didn’t have a revenue model to apply to their increasingly popular product. Both companies didn’t want to clutter their product with ads and paid announcements since they felt the Internet already had too much of that as they grew bigger and more popular. But with time, both Google and Twitter managed to find a revenue model that worked for them. When we look at Twitter, we see that they also struggled a lot with how to start bringing in revenue relative to their popularity and traffic until they started making Twitter marketing available.

In 2011 Twitter made $139.5 million in revenue, and in 2012 Twitter is expected to just about double that to $259.9 million. It’s a huge increase, yes, but when you compare it to other services that sometimes double by a factor of ten, it doesn’t seem like much. But the people at Twitter have a lot of aces up their sleeves, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they, just like Facebook, soon start to expand their service to include apps and other kinds of “plugin” APIs in addition to the Twitter marketing options they now have available.

Furthermore, Twitter will not stop there. They have a projected revenue expectation of $399.5 million in 2013 and $540 million in 2015. Compared to the small group of people that it once was, and Jack Dorsey who sent the first tweet on March 21, 2006 which said, “just setting up my twttr” (Wikipedia), things have definitely evolved into something larger than life. Twitter is still growing at an insane pace, and I am sure that the creative minds over at Twitter are working on even more great additions to the service.

Twitter marketing is divided into several different areas where even paying for followers is somewhat of an option. It’s not straight forward paying for followers as much as you showing up where people can choose to follow you. As Twitter marketing grows, there will of course be more and more companies that will try their luck at these options. Spending money on Twitter marketing is of course not cheap, but the return is probably well worth the investment since Twitter now houses over 500 million registered users.

A fresh infographic created by The Nology called Twitter Marketing and Revenue Strategies sets out to explain what different options of Twitter marketing there are and how you can possibly get the word out about your product, service or brand. It has long been kind of fuzzy, at least for the majority of users, how Twitter is making revenue off their product. This infographic should clear it all up, and also tell you about the various options you have if you want to utilize Twitter marketing in your own social media campaign.


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