Twitter Mentions Are The New You’ve Got Mail & Celebrity Autograph

Yes, I sleep with my phone and check my @ mentions anytime I’m mildly awake in the middle of the night. Don’t judge or act like you don’t either. Twitter mentions are the new “You’ve Got Mail.”  The excitement from seeing the @ symbol light up is like Christmas morning!

You’ve tweeted a ton to your friends, RT’d a bunch of thought leaders, tweeted an original blog you are proud of, and even given your favorite celebrities shout outs…so who could the @ mention(s) be from?!?!?!

Gaaaaaaah! That nano second before you check seems like a FULL second! You click on the @ symbol and you chuckle at the inside jokes from your Twitter besties. You freak out because some thought leaders thanked you for RT’ing their post. You high-five yourself because your original blog post that you worked so hard on got some RTs, and then…you start to hyperventilate because your all time favorite celebrity retweeted you!

Quick, what do you do after you regain your composure? Thankfully, you’re home alone so no one saw you do that awesome dance, you “favorite” the tweet and screen print it for social proof and huge bragging rights. That is one of the most awesome things about Twitter. Besides the best friends you’ve made, you’ve also managed to get a coveted celebrity autograph!

Let’s face it, everything is going virtual these days, and so are celebrity autographs. The likelihood of meeting your favorite celebrity IRL is not very high. Now, the likelihood of you asking them a question or giving them a shout out and being RT’d is very likely! Celebrities welcome it. The more publicity the better. Tosh.0 and ESPN both answer your Twitter questions live on television! Some sports agencies are even trying to encourage more fan/player interaction by putting player Twitter handles on jerseys. I think this is brilliant move, one I hope the Pro-Bowl and NBA All-Star adopts sooner than later. After all, it’s all about the fan experience. The more a fan feels engaged and connected with the whole entertainment, celebrity experience, the more they spend. It’s a win/win/win.

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Via: [DigitalRoyalty] [NewsFeed] Image Credit: [Osnapz]