Twitter Milestone: A Reflection After Sending 100,000 Tweets

I’ve done it! I’m not sure if it’s a notable and widely recognizable Twitter milestone, but I have, as of two days ago, sent over 100,000 tweets – that’s 14,000,000 characters or so over the last three years since joining Twitter. I’m sure not everyone has been hanging onto every word I’ve ‘tweeted,’ but joining the Twitterverse has provided me the opportunity to evolve my ‘voice,’ and I hope today with my risqué humour, witty shenanigans, social media and technology-related tweets, I have perfected a delectable blend of humour and infotainment. Anyway, nowadays with content so diverse and rich (and ultimately subjective) you can’t please everyone, but there’s no harm in trying, right?

Okay, I’m now going to put those 100,000 tweets into some astonishing context. In essence, I have amassed 14,000,000 characters: So, if the average English word length is six characters including a space (I have been duly advised that this is the norm), then this amazingly equates to around 29 books, each containing 80,000 words – and that’s without any illustrations.


But, stepping aside from my personal soap box for a moment, I can honestly say that Twitter has been a ‘revelation within a revolution.’  For me, and for millions of personal brands worldwide, it has broken both the chains of mediocrity and the confines of the draconian ‘done thing’ by allowing our emotional as well as our corporate selves to mingle at the same virtual soirée. No longer are the assets of what makes me ‘ME’ compartmentalized to the point of extradition; with the personal being filed away in one mental ring-binder, while my business box is opened up for the day. And while there are always some private components left tucked away, there has been a gradual morphing, a blending of the edges if you will, that has enabled me to truly connect with my readers, clients and the many thousands of people around the world who have just found something appealing about brand me.

My wife (@grattongirl) famously calls her tweets, ‘the subtitles to her life’ – well, if that’s the case, then my life since joining Twitter has certainly been full. The tweets I’ve dared to share are more often than not an accurate reflection of ‘me.’ If ‘Gideon’ from the hit TV series Criminal Minds were to provide a psychological profile, I just wonder what he’d say! Would the FBI agents be breaking down my door to summon me for questioning? I would no doubt be forced to help them with their line of inquiries as they interrogated me under the intrusive light of a single dangling bulb; asking “What did you mean by that joke?”

The sheer brilliance of my overworked imagination leaves me hankering for a second glass of wine, as I skittishly type this text while looking over my shoulder. And with that thought in mind, I wonder: What do your tweets say about you? What Twitter milestone are you looking forward to reaching?


For me, and for millions of personal brands worldwide, Twitter has broken both the chains of mediocrity and the confines of the draconian ‘done thing.’


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Twitter Birds Image Credit: [deviantART / ~Light-Schizophrenia]