Twitter The Movie? Would You Watch It?

Did you get to watch The Social Network? I did, and I loved it. For those who have not yet seen it, it is a movie about how FaceBook began. It’s about how a group of geeks had a great idea, and they started working on it. After so many heartaches and hardships, they made the social networking site one of the biggest and most visited websites to date. The movie has now earned 6 Golden Globe nominations. To me, it was very inspiring. Imagine that Mark was just your average young college student who rose to fame and is now even named the 2010 Person of the Year in Time Magazine.

The movie reminded me so much of The Pirates of Silicon Vallley, the 1999 TV movie that showcased the history of Apple and Microsoft. Again, in that movie, we can see how ordinary people can rise to the challenge and make a great impact in the world. I watched a video on YouTube that is a trailer spoof on The Social Network. However, the movie is about Twitter. It was hilarious, they even created a song similar to that heard on The Social Network soundtrack. But seriously, I think it would be awesome to really watch a movie about how Twitter began. I bet I am not alone and that there are also other avid Twitter users out there who would get a thrill out of watching the movie. I wonder who would play the characters of @jack, @ev and @bizstone. If they did make a movie, would you watch it?