Twitter vs. Instagram – Which Is Best For Business?

It’s a question that has been asked for years by social media marketers and small business owners alike. Which is better? Twitter or Instagram? – The answer to this question depends on your goals, audience, and the type of content you post. This article will explore how each platform can be used as a marketing tool for business success.

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When it comes to numbers, Instagram statistics show it as the winner. First, it is home to over a billion users, and the number keeps growing because it is part of Facebook. Then comes the number of monthly users. claims that it has approximately 400 million monthly users, and nearly 80% of these are mobile users.

Instagram has a pay-per-click advertising revenue system. This means that you get paid for each customer who clicks on your ads. As a result, it generates nearly $2 billion in ad revenue, which is quite a large number.

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Twitter is slightly behind Instagram in terms of numbers. Twitter stats show that it had approximately 700 million users around the world. With the introduction of Insta, this number has fallen. It has around 316 million monthly users. This is a good number when compared to Insta. Nearly 500 million tweets are sent each day!

Twitter uses a pay-per-click advertising revenue system, just like Insta or Facebook. As a result, it generates nearly $900 million in ad revenue, which is quite impressive. In addition, Twitter is proud to boast the presence of celebrities!



If we take into account the engagement factor, Instagram is the winner. This is evident because Instagram has the most active monthly users of any social media website. It allows users to share images and videos. It keeps its users scrolling and never gets bored, as the human brain responds better to visuals.

Instagram doesn’t share any links that take users to another interface. So if one logs into Instagram once, he’ll keep scrolling down and further down.


This is where Twitter falls short of Instagram. Twitter doesn’t see as much engagement, even though one can reply, retweet, and quote anyone. Twitter is well-known for sharing links to websites, making it a place for customers and marketers to interact. Even so, it has low engagement rates.

Twitter does have one advantage. While Instagram doesn’t offer any features for reposting content, you can easily retweet any tweet on Twitter to make it viral.

Live Features


Instagram offers live sessions, which is a great feature. Marketers must interact with customers to share their thoughts and ideas. Instagram offers many features that will help you. It’s easy to connect with customers through stories, Instagram Live, and Instagram Television (IGTV).

This feature is crucial for marketers, entrepreneurs, and influencers. To give your followers rich content, you can schedule your Instagram posts in advance. Instagram is a better choice if you want to interact with customers and followers.


Twitter offers live content sharing, but you cannot interact directly with other users. Twitter also provides content scheduling, but this will cause your tweets to get lost in the vastness of the platform. While Twitter is somewhat closer to Instagram regarding live news sharing, it is still not enough.

Advert And Selling


You can make this platform more reliable if you’re an advertiser for your brand. Instagram allows you to monetize posts, stories, and IGTV videos. You can even make money. Facebook Insights will enable you to do this. Instagram also offers the option for sellers to link their website to posts, so buyers can click on the link to go directly to the store.


Although Twitter offers sponsored posts and ads, they aren’t as effective as Instagram’s. Your tweets can’t be monetized. Twitter can only be used to promote your product or brand. Twitter doesn’t have a feature that allows users to shop for products directly or enable buyers to link to their online shops. This is a significant setback. It would help if you also had a large following on Twitter.

More engagement equals more sales. For more engagement, some influencers and businesses buy Twitter followers. Many sites offer Twitter followers for sale at attractive prices. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Final Note

We’ll leave you with this thought. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to either, focus on one social media channel and remember that your customers are everywhere. Hence, it’s essential to be where they are! Which platform will you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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