Twitterpalooza: Twitter Statistics In Focus [Infographic]

Statistics are the true storyteller for how a company performs, and where it is going. You can derive a ton of unknown information from statistics that you normally wouldn’t know about otherwise. All you have to know is some of the factors, and you can (using algorithms and logic) find out pretty much anything when it comes to the future of a business. It’s no coincidence that infographics use a ton of statistics since they are the fastest way to get you into the loop of things. We’ve seen a lot of infographics with a ton of statistics when it comes to Twitter, and you might start wondering when it will end. The thing is, statistics are only good while they are new and relevant, so they have to be served fresh in order to make any sense.

There is constantly new information being shared about this social networking giant. Not only is Twitter growing like never before, but the coolest thing about it is that it has grown up so fast. The Twitter office has grown from 22 employees in 2009 to over 400 in 2011. That’s an insane development, and I can’t wait to see what Twitter has in store for us in the future. Recently they rolled out the User Galleries image feature, and I am sure they are working on a bunch more things for us to keep sharing and connecting.

ViralMS put together yet another up-to-date (mostly) infographic about Twitter that will have you knee deep in statistics about where Twitter is heading. One noticeable statistic is that 68% of the people follow other tweeps based on their friends’ recommendations. Maybe this should spark another FollowFriday boost since I have felt that decreasing in the last year or so. Of course, it has to do with all the changes that Twitter has incorporated, but there is a time for everything, so maybe this will be the new dawn for the FollowFriday hashtag. Who knows, right?

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Twitter Statistics Infographic As Twitterpalooza

Header Image Credit: [Scott Beale / Laughing Squid]