Twitterview | Getting to Know People on Twitter

I was asked recently to be the subject in a live online twitterview. I was honored that anyone was interested in learning more about me and what I had to say. I try to sit in on the twitterviews of my followers and others whom seem of interest any chance I get. A twitterview is a wonderful way to learn more about great people from all ends of the world.

What is a Twitterview?
Just as it sounds, a Twitterview is a live interview conducted on the popular social platform of Twitter. The interviewer will post a question and include a predetermined hashtag (#hashtag) so that the audience can easily follow. The subject follows the question with a personalized answer adding the same hashtag. Of course each answer is limited to 140 characters keeping the flow short and sweet. The character limitation is what makes this type of interview so appealing.

The best part of a twitterview is the ability for everyone following the conversation to get involved. Anyone on twitter is able to include the hashtag in their own updates and instantly join in on the discussion.

What is the point of a twitterview?
A twitterview can be as formal or casual as you make it.  It can be conducted for a purpose or just for fun. Companies, brands, and professionals will use a twitterview to generate buzz on a certain topic or objective. Since social media has become a leading platform for advertising and promotion these interviews are an effective way to spread the word and give fans and followers the opportunity to be a part of the campaign. Of course, some twitterviews are designed simply for fun and to get to know people on a new more personal level.

How do you follow a Twitterview?
Hashtags make twitterviews an easy way to follow and join in on the discussion. Depending on the twitter client you use it will vary how you follow a twitterview. Many applications such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite make it easy to setup a column that you can use to feed the hashtag used in the twitterview. On or with any twitter tool you can simply search for the hastag to see the updates.

Get involved!
The greatest part of a live online twitterview is the ability for followers and viewers to take part in the questionnaire and learn more about the subject collectively. As you are following the interview, feel free to post your own question by simply including the hastag. Be kind, be respective, and be a part of a new wave of social promoting!