VIZoSPHERE: Visualize Twitter Connections By Topic Influence

In the beginning, Twitter was a way to send each other small bursts of messages in 140 characters or less. It has since evolved into a whole ecosystem of intended uses where sharing information is as important as announcing your next marathon in front of the telly. Some people seem to think Twitter is just for one thing, and they draw up rule after rule about what it is all about and how it is supposed to be used. Well, no company or technology can be that narrow minded as a product or service or they will become obsolete as soon as there is something else that pops up that the users like more. With Twitter, there is a whole slew of uses, and some might not fit in with your intended achievements; however, Twitter is for everyone and has a lot of uses.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visualize Twitter in a whole different way? I am not talking about a new client on which you use Twitter, no. I am talking about a whole new way of visualizing your connections and the things they share with you. Well, VIZoSPHERE is exactly that and more. Its intended use is to visualize your network through the topics that your followers and followings are sharing and are influential about.

This awesome tool is created by the talented coder Moritz Stefaner and will most definitely give you a whole different view of your connections on Twitter. It might even open your eyes to new followers that have been trying to communicate with you yet you haven’t been able to connect due to the workload you’re under or plain ignorance. Well, whatever the reason is, you now have a chance to discover what goes on in your stream that you don’t yet know about. I’ll definitely be one of the people to poke around in this really cool tool. Wish me luck and see you on the grid! Go ahead and try out the app right here on Bit Rebels. Just scroll down to the bottom of this article and have a go.

VIZoSPHERE Twitter Topic Visualization Tool