We Definitely Abuse The Phrase “Hey Guys!”…

Hey guys! Have you ever thought about the words you use to say hello to your peeps and followers? Well, you really should cause I am sure if you put all your YouTube clips together you would be amazed (and feel a bit awkward) about how many times you say the words “Hey Guys” or “Hi Guys” to start off a vlog or a message. Even in written form it happens more than you think. Sure, it’s the best way to start off a vlog, but to what extent can we abuse these words?

Is there really no other phrase we can use to say hello to our friends and followers? What happened to the good old friendly “Hello” or “Good Morning?” Is it a teenager phenomenon that is about to take over the world like a virus, or are we actually that monotone in our way of greeting each other?

Someone decided to put together a montage of vlog introductions that can only be described as “the death of a phrase.” It’s quite amusing and after a while the phrase starts to sound a little bit like Chinese or Japanese to me. The meaning of the words actually gets blurred out and all you see and hear is “Eoowww Eyyeeesss.” It’s quite funny how the mind perceives the same words spoken over and over again.

So, maybe it’s time for us to become a little more creative in the way we say hello to our friends (plural). Maybe we should put a little more thought into the way we embrace our friends with words. We would probably come across a bit more engaging and interesting as well. Just a thought…later guys!