What Would Happen: A World Without Google [Infographic]

The world’s most successful Internet concept of all time is probably Google, and most of us use it daily for acquiring information. Their way of always keeping us updated, now in real time, is what’s causing us to go back again and again. For some people, it really is a lifeline of information. If they were to lose it, they would find themselves lost and with nowhere to turn. Sure, there are other search engines that frenetically try to imitate, invent and catch up to Google’s success, but few have been close to even touching the outer rims of this multinational power magnet. With each year that passes by, the company grows larger and larger. They introduce new and complex services and products for the purpose of helping to ease the burden of our everyday chores.

But what would happen if one day Google didn’t exist? What if Google suddenly went belly up and the sparkling lights of ten thousand servers would suddenly stare silently in your face with just one thing to say, “Unable to connect to server. Please try again later.” What a horrible end to the world as we know it. Don’t you agree?

SingleGrain has tried to answer all of your questions that keep nagging in the back of your head about this with a really nice infographic. It answers the questions like… Who would take over if Google were no more? What services would we lose that keep us going? And ultimately… Would we be better off if Google didn’t exist?

There are of course a million other answers to all of these questions and even more questions to add to it. If you think about it, how many times do you choose Google instead of Bing, Yahoo, AllTheWeb or even AltaVista? I am fairly sure that most of you, by reflex, just punch in the “G,” “o,” “o,” “g,” “l,” “e” and start searching for whatever it is that will change the course of your thought pattern or even your entire day. I wish there were some statistics telling how many new inventions have come to see the light of day because of Google. Anyone know of such an infographic?

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A World Without Google Infographic