What You Are Worth To Mark Zuckerberg [Infographic]

There is a metric that most people don’t think about or know about when they are browsing social media sites. It’s a metric similar to the number of likes, retweets and repins you have gotten. As we all know, the metrics that a site displays are often a measurement of how popular the website is among its readers or users. If you have good numbers, it’s simple because you have the eye and mind for good content. But what is this metric that most people are not familiar with? Is it some unknown secret statistic that is kept in the shadows from people because it is so important that the mere notion of it would make it useless? Nah, not really.

It’s actually the value of you. Yeah, social media services often measure their users in how much they are worth based on the estimated value of the company itself. It’s a simple way of knowing which way the company is heading. If the users are increasing a lot but the revenue isn’t, then you know you have to step up your efforts and make more use of your visitors, or at least that is how it roughly works.

We can take Facebook for example. How much would you say that you are worth to Mark Zuckerberg today? $1? $200? Well, it so happens that back in 2007 you would have been worth around $152 to Mark, while today your price has greatly plummeted to a mere $17. So yeah, your visit may be ever so important to you when you check and interact with your friends on his platform, but to Mark, your visit may not seem too impressive compared to what it was back in 2007.

Fortunately this metric isn’t one that users usually delve too much into. It would be quite depressing really to be thought of as a number, don’t you think? I guess things are a little bit different when you have created something in your dorm room that becomes a stock exchange company worth billions of dollars. I doubt that Mark walks around thinking about how much his company is worth based on the worth of his users. The guy is clever enough to know that that won’t spawn any kind of creativity whatsoever for him to create new groundbreaking features for the people who have made him the youngest billionaire in history.

Have a look at this infographic called How Much Are You Worth To Mark Zuckerberg created and published by Pluggio. It clearly outlines the worth of Facebook users throughout the lifetime of Facebook. It’s a journey that will make even the most seasoned social media user cough up their morning coffee. The numbers presented are nothing less than mind-boggling, and you really have to sit for a while to take it all in just to know exactly what it is you’re measuring. I mean, billions of dollars for a website were created in a dorm room? Yup, that is how powerful a simple laptop and desktop can be with the right set of skills. The question is, should we keep measuring users in the amount they are worth, or is that a metric that will make users offended? We’ll let you decide! After all, you are the ones who trek through the social media playing field in your very own awesome way.

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Via: [Visual.ly]