What You Didn’t Know About Twitter

Some of us are truly fanatically obsessed with stats. I am one of them and I get happy as a kid when I think of something that could make my own sites, including Minervity.com and BitRebels.com, a bit more…statistically glorified and modified. I’ve been on the lookout to see if I can find some resources that handles Twitter statistics and I’ve found some interesting places for us geeks to check out.

Twitter Overall Tweet Counter – GigaTweet

Twitter Mesages Counter

Number of People Working at Twitter: 52 – (2009-06-12)

Twitter - Employees

Twitter – Short Story

Twitter was initially founded initially by “Obvious“, a creative environment in San Francisco, California. The very first software prototype of Twitter was created in March 2006  and took only 2 weeks to complete. The service was launched publicly in August 2006. In May,2007 the service had grown large and it was decided that it moved outside of the “Obvious” community. Twitter Incorporated was founded.

Twitter Unique Visitors Statistics

Twitter Unique Visitors

Twitter – Founders

Jack Dorsey – Software engineer Jack Dorsey is the co-founder of Twitter, and was the CEO until October 2008.

Biz Stone – Co-founder of Twitter. Biz lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife, Livia.

Evan Williams – In late 2006, Williams co-founded Obvious Corp with Biz Stone and other former Odeo employees.