What’s The Deal: Groupon Businesses Compared [Infographic]

The word that was on everyone’s tongue not too long ago was Groupon. They were the dominator in a field where no others had previously dared to enter, and they did it uber successfully. I have to admit that I haven’t even made an effort to look into all this chatter about groupons, coupons and all that. I’ve been way too busy delving deeper into this whole thing about social networking and how to increase engagement. Oh, and not to forget, we’ve been working furiously on Bit Rebels and the way that we present ourselves to you all. Hopefully we have gained your trust, which has made you come back again and again.

When Groupon was offered billions to be bought out by Google, they of course turned it down. At the time, it seemed like it was the clever thing to do. After all, predicting the future is quite hard when you don’t know what you have yet. So what transpired was several other players entering the market and in a major way. Not only did Google setup their own groupon business with their Google Offers, but Livingsocial and Facebook Deals also entered the scene. These three new players picked off a huge part of the market share that Groupon had previously acquiried.

OnlineMBA took it upon themselves to make an overview (an infographic if you will). They bundled every aspect of these businesses together so we can compare them and make up our own minds about whether they are worth our time and money. What service will become the dominant one now that there is this epic battle transpiring? No one knows of course. The fact is that it’s really up to the companies themselves to make sure customers flock to their offers instead of their competitors. So, in the end, will it be the offers that determine the winner of round one in this battle of the titans?

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Online Groupon Deal Service Comparison