Who Uses What: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… [Infographic]

Social media and social networking have such a hype surrounding them that most people probably think that everyone is using at least one service to connect to others. But as the hype wears off, the true statistics emerge to tell the story more accurately. We’re constantly trying to find new channels to get our ideas, daily happenings and business interests across to new and exciting people.

Sometimes it would be nice to have a central place to check out the current overall social media and social networking statistics to know what to focus on depending on what industry you’re in. Myspace, for example, is mainly for bands, artists and people who want to connect around those things. Facebook is all about connecting to new and old friends; however, it has also become a strong contender for sharing company information and spreading viral content.

So is there really a place to find all of this information? As far as I know, I don’t think so. A bundled hub where statistics are presented in neat and simple infographics would be the best campaign and industry related database for where, how and when to run certain advertising campaigns, etc. Flowtown tried to put together a small infographic about the most known and used social networking sites on the Internet. It basically serves as a cheat sheet for your own campaigns; however, the information bundled in it is based upon age, educational level, income and gender.

As you can see, the numbers fluctuate quite a bit. It is a really great tool when you are trying to funnel your campaign towards a certain gender, age group or level of income. For example, if you want to target females, you would do best in running your campaign on Myspace. If you want to target males, you would do best in going with Reddit. Combining these four categories will of course further narrow down your focal point, so use it widely and I am sure you will see more profitability when cranking out your campaigns.

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Who Uses What Social Networking

Image Credit: [Roberto Marinello / Shutterstock]