Why Facebook Users Add & Remove Friends [Infographic]

I really do not understand why some people get so upset when they are unfriended on Facebook or unfollowed on Twitter. Some people get really broken up about it. Why is that? I never notice when I’m unfriended or unfollowed unless someone points it out to me. The way I look at, it’s a quality over quantity issue. Those people who are meant to stay will stay, and those who are meant to go should go. It’s that simple. I actually like it when that happens because it means I’m getting closer to the core group of people I should be connected with. Do you agree?

If you know me, you know that Twitter is my baby, and I don’t update my Facebook page often enough. We all know that there are some annoying Facebook users, but what makes people actually make the effort to unfriend someone? Apparently that is something a lot of people want to know, and about a year ago I wrote an article about why people unfriend on Facebook. At that time, there was research to support that the main reason was because people send too many useless posts.

There has been some new research conducted by the Nielsen McKinsey company which now suggests that the number one reason people unfriend is because of offensive comments. It was interesting to me that depressing comments also ranked high on the list. There are also some other interesting stats on here like physical attractiveness plays a role in why people might add you as a friend.

So, if you are one of those people who freaks out when you are unfriended on Facebook, just be sure to post non-depressing and non-offensive comments, be attractive, don’t try to sell anything, don’t post anything about politics, and interact a lot. Wow, in other words, be a robot with no opinions. LOL This makes me laugh for many different reasons. You can read more about this research at NM Incite.

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Why Add Friends On Facebook

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