Why Foursquare Is Worth Watching In 2012

Whether we use it or not, we’re all familiar with Foursquare.

Over the past year though, I think this site has emerged with the greatest “it” factor while vying for attention in the midst of an eventful 2011 for the whole of social media. The biggest players (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) were busy revamping their sites and simultaneously adding features to resemble one another when Foursquare was concerned about growth.

Growth, I like to point out, which came at a rapid rate.

Towards the end of June, Foursquare surpassed 10 million users, which was an incredible feat in a little over 2 years. However, they didn’t stop there. They then added another 5 million in the next six months, which certainly didn’t pass by the tech world unnoticed.

It got me thinking though. What caused such a surge for Foursquare in the 2nd half of 2011?

We could theorize on an endless number of factors, or even argue that there was no reason for it at all, but without a doubt, Foursquare succeeded simply because of what it brings to the table. It’s because businesses have finally caught onto the potential of social media, and they have stopped ignoring Facebook and Twitter. They now realize that there is value for them in these outlets, and also on Foursquare, Pinterest, Google+ and countless others. Every day people want their interests to stand out amongst their peers, and Foursquare allows both small, local shops and internationally recognized brands to make a community in any neighborhood where they’re located. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the demand for smartphones doesn’t seem to be slowing.

Really, then, the rest is history. Maybe it is coincidence, after all; maybe Foursquare was just in the right place in the right time.

With that in mind, does it still matter? Surely, Foursquare isn’t looking back, which is why after all, it’s worth watching in 2012. Who knows. They just might surprise us again.

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Image Credits: [User Logos] [Blue Fountain Media]