Why Using Pinterest For Marketing Is A Must [Infographic]

I admit I have been kind of indifferent towards Pinterest until just a couple of weeks ago when I started researching its abilities and reach. This new social networking service has stumbled upon the scene with huge leaps and bounds, and it’s become a real player when it comes to sharing. Many of you might still be unaware of this new service, but that is all going to change it seems. Their march forward is big, and their user base is growing rapidly. The concept is easy, yet it is insanely effective. It works as a social pin board where you share your pictures with everyone. Some people have said that it is just another photo/video sharing service, but there is a huge following that is talking about it being a powerful new marketing engine.

What they mean by “marketing engine” is basically that with a single picture or video, you can reach millions of people if your “pinned” content goes viral. This is why this could be the next big thing when it comes to marketing your products and services. You can build a large and powerful following, and you can get your message out to the masses just like any other social networking service out there. This is all about the pinned content, and the messages they have along with it.

There is everything from recipes to full on marketing campaign content, and the uses are growing by the minute. LinchPinSEO put together a really interesting infographic with a few factual points that describe just why Pinterest could be the tool for your marketing campaign. Or rather, why it is a must for you to succeed in the time frame you are pinching your campaign into. There are 11 points made which make perfect sense if you ask me. I am going to monitor this new up and coming social networking service very carefully to see what they come up with next. Make sure you do as well since your entire marketing campaign’s success could possibly be depending on it.

Marketing Tips For Pinterest Infographic