Win A Google Wave Invite From Bit Rebels!

We appreciate our readers here at Bit Rebels and we read all of your comments and feedback. One thing you’ve left in your comments over and over is how much you want a Google Wave invite.

We want YOU on the wave!

Thanks to Twitter’s resident Google Wave Jedi Master @wavejedimaster, we would like to answer your requests by giving away 10 Google Wave invitations to our Bit Rebels readers! We have 4 VIP Google Wave invitations to give away, and 6 regular Google Wave invitations to give away.

The VIP invitations include a private tour of the wave by @wavejedimaster himself. He will also set up a user’s lounge wave just for these 4 lucky people where you can get your questions answered by the master himself. The 6 regular Google Wave invitations will simply be delivered to you via email, without the private tour and lounge wave.

We are so excited that 10 lucky Bit Rebels readers will be on the wave soon! The rules of this contest are simple and we’ve designed it so anyone can win.

The contest will run from Monday, November 16th through Monday, November 23rd. The 10 lucky winners will be announced in a follow-up post which will be published on Wednesday, November 25th.

To qualify you must:
1. Follow @bitrebels on Twitter.
2. Subscribe to the Bit Rebels RSS feed.
3. Upon winning, you must submit a valid gmail address for our correspondence.
4. You must use the hashtag #rebelwave in your tweet as explained below.
5. Upon winning, before you receive your invite, you must agree via email that you will not sell the invite.

Now for the fun part…
This contest is all about being creative! Apply to win one of these 10 Google Wave invites by tweeting in 140 characters or less the ultimate reason why you should get an invite. Use the hashtag #rebelwave in your tweet.


You may enter as many times as you like, but in order for your tweets to be included in this contest, you must use the hashtag #rebelwave in each tweet.

If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment below.

Remember to follow @wavejedimaster for the most up to date Google Wave information.

Good luck to you all and may the most creative Bit Rebels readers win!