YouTube Sensations: Where Are They Now? [Infographic]

The stunning truth about YouTube is that it has become an entertainment outlet that could rival even the cinema – maybe not in the experience, but definitely in the entertainment value. As a matter fact, YouTube probably surpasses any other media when it comes to that. There have been plenty of YouTube sensations throughout the years. Many of them have gone viral just because of their simple yet hilarious nature.

Some of those videos were captured from being at the right place at the right time, while others were carefully planned. When I say YouTube sensations, I just know some of you instantly think about a few clips or videos that have been special to you. Who has not seen the hilarious online success “Charlie Bit My Finger” right? It became an instant member of the YouTube sensations hall of fame when it was uploaded to YouTube on May 22nd, 2007. To date, the 56 second video has racked up over 521 million views. It’s something that even the most popular artists usually never reach with their million dollar videos.

Even though we see these insanely successful videos come and go, we never really know what happens to the people after their videos have had their run. Where are they now, and what are they doing? Instant success can either come and go or be utilized to spawn even more success. Look at the fresh video called “How Animals Eat Their Food” that was uploaded just 8 days ago. It has already accumulated over 37.5 million views. Sometimes YouTube sensations enjoy instant success, and sometimes it takes a while.

In order for us to get a better view of what happened to some of the brightest shining stars of YouTube after their videos went viral, we can consult a fresh infographic created by It lists 20 of the most popular YouTube sensations that YouTube has ever seen, and it also gives us a glimpse at where they are today. If you want to become a YouTube star someday then studying this infographic called YouTube Sensations Then & Now will probably help you narrow in on how you can come up with your own instant viral videos. Sometimes even the simplest things can make you a YouTube star. Many of the people mentioned in this infographic have gone that route, so why can’t you, right?

Vixy’s YouTube Sensations – Then & Now Infographic

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