10 Reasons To Investigate Android TV With Freeview

Android TV, Google’s smart TV platform offers optimum functionality, exceptional user-friendliness, and when integrated with Freeview’s popular subscription-free services raise your entertainment experiences to the highest level of excellence.

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10 Reasons why Android TV and Freeview combined are so popular with UK consumers:

  1. Google is a trusted global service provider. Its Android operating system is found in smartphones, cars, tablets, watches, and TV’s. Android is simple to use and familiar to most of us already. They have partnered with market leaders including Sony, Philips, Humax Direct, and TCL to create the best products.
  2. Android TV utilises your internet connection and a Google account and both free and paid for apps can stream to your TV. You also need an aerial with Freeview products. (Freesat uses a satellite dish.)
  3. Android TV’s benefit from the suite of tools which we use every day in personal and professional life. Google Chromecast, Google Assistant and the Google Play Store are already installed in the TV so you don’t have to do this.
  4. Your Android TV will become invaluable as it learns your viewing habits and it suggests programs and films that its technology has assessed as you-appropriate.
  5. Watch live, pause, record, and replay conveniently. You can download box sets, games, apps, films, programs, and series quickly through easy processes. Google Assistant offers over 500000 shows and Google Play Store features over 5000 apps so it’ll take a long while to run out of options!
  6. Freeview was established in 2002 and in late 2020 its products have been installed in over 18 million UK homes. Their subscription-free services access 95% of the most-watched programs in the UK. Freeview Play offers 85+ TV channels, with HD channels included, radio stations, and on-demand services are available.  Freeview page 555 shows their new Accessible TV Guide with text to speech, subtitles, audio, and sign language filters. You are in control of what you watch, and whether you want to download or stream content is entirely your decision. There will be no pressure from Freeview.
  7. Subscription free services mean no budgeting, no bills, and no contracts. As Covid-19 has had a significant impact on finances, cutting expenditure without compromising on quality makes good old common sense.
  8. Android TV allows you to view your unique media so if you have 21st birthday videos, graduation ceremony footage, photos of your 2020 garden staycation or of the cutest purr that your kitten has done this year, your TV will help you to relive the moment.
  9. The days of having limited choices are over. If you search the TV channels and nothing catches your eye then there is a whole world of entertainment sitting ready to be accessed via the technology in your TV. You never need to be bored or channel hop hopelessly.
  10. As with other smart technology being adopted in the home, the Android TVs are voice-operated and there’s a remote control. Your TV is normally compatible with Google Home and Mini and Amazon Alexa but less frequently with the Amazon Echo.

And A Spectacular Bonus Point

Humax Direct launched a new product in the UK in November 2020 and it is a unique offering in the marketplace and available at a pocket-friendly price.

The Humax AURA UHD Freeview Play 4K Recorder has many attributes, here are some to whet your appetite:

It is:

  • Powered by Android TV.
  • Simple to install and set up.
  • Sleek and stylish appearance, space-saving hardware.
  • Voice control operation.
  • Pause, record, and rewind live TV.
  • Enjoy over 85 channels. 15 of these are HD.
  • Access a 7 Day TV guide and the accessible guide on channel 555.
  • Google Assistant, Play Store, and Chromecast are integrated.
  • Find excellent content easily.
  • This recorder is enabled to record 4 shows at the same time as you watch a 5th.
  • On the 2TB model, there is storage capacity for 1000 hours of recorded content. It’s 500 hours of memory with the 1TB version.
  • Set up recordings and reminders.
  • UK viewers’ favorite apps in one convenient place.
  • Watch streamed live and recorded content using the Humax Aura app.
  • Download content for watching on the app on the go.
  • The Aura app streams shows to different devices.
  • Features 3 tuners and 2 USB’s, media server, plug and play USB.
  • A confidence-inducing 2-year warranty as standard.

Android TV is an entertainment opportunity that you can’t afford to miss so why not investigate further and find the perfect match TV for you and your family.

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