10 Simple Ways To Quickly Improve SEO Rankings [Infographic]

It’s quite interesting how everyone who starts a new website sooner or later runs into something called SEO. In the beginning, it can be quite hard to get your head around it since it is far more complex than you might think. If you have the skills and knowledge to master it, the traffic you can gain from it can be compared to having a store on the most crowded street in New York. It just doesn’t compare to anything else. Sure, a sporadic viral article every once in a while is probably the closest you can get to feeling the rave of a top spot on Google search results for example. But for a beginner, it is a difficult thing to grasp, and it can almost become a myth when you look at how many different variables play a part in the end result.

However, there are several easy things you can do in order to increase your SEO and potentially rank higher on the search engines. SEO is in need of constant maintenance though since search algorithms are always changing in order to give more accurate results, and also to prevent black hat surgeries from hogging the top spots. It’s a living organism that always changes. It is said that Google injects more than 500 changes to their search algorithm per year. That means, roughly speaking, they change their algorithm more than once a day throughout the year.

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This is of course something that could put down the most seasoned and hardcore SEO “specialist” since it is literally impossible to keep track of them all and adjust your website thereafter. However, there are always a few things that stay solid and which still traction a lot of punch on your rankings. Interactivity Marketing put together a really simple yet useful list of 10 small things you can do to generally increase your rankings quickly.

It’s basically small things like this that will slowly increase your website’s ranking. There are of course several high priority factors that you can’t affect yourself. Those things range from the level of traffic your site has to how long your website has been available. Up-time and speed are things that you can affect though, and to optimize your website to be as fast as possible could potentially skyrocket your site up the ranking charts.

In the end though, it boils down to the content you share, the keywords you use and the way you promote your content. Following these 10 ways and then doing a little bit of research about SEO in general will most likely make your site rank higher than your competitors. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to cheat your way to the top spot. Doing so will most likely have the opposite effect since you will be severely penalized for it, and potentially lose your tracking all together and not even be listed anymore. Stay true to your passion, good content always draws visitors and that is what you want, right?

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Via: [Visual.ly]