10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Pax 3 Vaporizer

The Pax 3 is worth taking care of. Anyone who owns one would be able to tell you that. Its popularity as one of the world’s favorite vapes is only matched by its perfect functionality. Pax is known for dominating the portable dry herb vape world with its small, sleek, smart, and durable creations. With an ultra-elegant look and feel, ease of use, portability, and discretion, reliability, and company-backed warranty, the Pax 3 stands for everything Pax has worked so tirelessly to create.

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Although maintenance is a crucial part of making sure you get the most out of your machine, this statement could be interpreted another way as well, a funnier way. How can you preserve the longevity and perfect working quality of this absolute powerhouse of a vape while making sure that you’re using it to its fullest potential and taking advantage of every single ounce of its great features?

Well, if this is precisely the kind of question floating around your head, read on to discover the best ways to make your vape last forever while exploring the world of potential offered by this unassuming, sleek little vape. Discover how to get the best vapor quality, the lowest draw resistance, and the least amount of maintenance, and dazzle your friends with all the hidden features and tricks you can show off too.

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Pax 3 Complete Kit

The Pax 3 comes available in two different formats, offering up a bit more choice and price points for its purchasers. The ‘Device Only’ option is precisely what it sounds like; it’s merely the Pax 3. Of course, in its own right, the vape itself is beyond excellent in terms of features and quality.

However, the ‘Complete Kit’ is really the only way to maximize using your vape to its true, full potential. The Complete Kit comes with everything needed to vape dry herbs, concentrates, and comes with a half pack oven lid.

Engage Stealth Mode For Sneaky Vaping

Although the Pax 3 has a beautiful display with its bright, perfect LED petal-shaped lights, and can produce an excellent quality vapor in abundance for anyone’s needs, some situations call for necessary discretion.

When this happens, the Pax 3’s stealth mode can be activated to dim those lustrous lights, produce less vapor while maintaining perfect quality, and speed up the cool-down time so you can get back to whatever you need to in a flash without causing unnecessary attention.

Use The New Concentrate Insert

Explore the excellent quality concentrate vapor the Pax 3 offers and expand your horizons! With concentrates becoming increasingly popular, it’s extraordinary just to have the option to be able to change up what you’re vaping, but Pax 3 does more than that.

The concentrate insert is easy to use, perfectly durable, and totally leak-proof, whatever your concentrate consistency, and makes your concentrates last as long as possible. Besides that, the vapor quality is impeccable, dense yet light, and delicious.

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Empty The Chamber After Each Session

If you want your Pax 3 to last and last, you need to be as dedicated to it as it is to you. Cleaning your chamber after every session is a way to continually keep it in good working condition and ensure you’re getting the quality vapor that the Pax 3 was made to produce. Not emptying the chamber will cause residue build-up and uneven temperature distribution, both leading to a higher risk of burning material and experiencing a burnt vapor.

Check Out The App

The Pax 3’s brand new Pax Vapor app is genius, giving you full control over the temperature settings and spectrum. Easily download the app from Google Play, enable the Bluetooth on your phone, and open up the app to discover a world of fun extras! Once your PAX 3 is paired, the device will vibrate, and the app should display ‘Pax 3’ on the home screen.

The app, besides allowing access to different temperature modes, will enable you to name your device, precisely control your temperature settings, access your security lock as well as games, and the latest updates.

Clean The Vapor Path After Every Few Sessions

Just like with cleaning your herb chamber, it’s essential to maintain and clean your Pax 3’s vapor path. Keeping the path clean will minimize the potential for a dirty pathway to lower draw resistance, and of course, will keep your vapor tasting as delicious as it should. Otherwise, you’ll have to work harder for a more mediocre quality product. We recommend cleaning the vapor path every 5-10 sessions, depending on how inventive you choose to get with flavors.

Use The Half Pack Lid

Another great feature of the Complete Kit is the half-pack lid, an attachment that allows for smaller bowl sizes and smaller sessions. No longer is it necessary to purchase third party accessories for a perfectly sized single session and is perfect for the solo vape adventure. Offering a superbly free-flowing draw, the half-pack lid does not compromise on quality, to say the least, and will ensure you’re not wasting any of your hard-earned dry herbs.

Get To Know Your Other Modes

Besides the super sneaky stealth mode mentioned above, the Pax 3 app comes with a range of other fun modes to check out. Boost mode, for example, keeps the oven hotter for longer with less auto cooling, which is perfect for a faster session, dense vapor, or if using with a water pipe adapter.

Efficiency mode, on the other hand, heats up the oven temperature throughout your session, while Flavor Mode only heats your dry herb when you draw and is perfect for preservation, enhanced flavor, and excellent vapor smoothness overdensity.

Finely Grind Your Dry Herb

For the best possible dry herb vaping experience from your Pax 3, getting your grind on is necessary. As with all dry herb vapes, the Pax 3 will offer you the best quality experience with a finer grind. A finer grind makes it effortless to fill the oven chamber and allows for your herb to be vaped more evenly due to a larger surface area.

Give Your Pax 3 A Full Clean

Last but certainly not least, giving your Pax 3 a full clean between every 7-10 sessions will do wonders for preserving the excellent quality you’ve become accustomed to. If you don’t clean your kit every once in a while, drag resistance will increase, the screen will start to clog, and flavor/vapor quality will decrease.

So take advantage of the supplied pipe cleaners and get yourself some isopropyl alcohol. Wipe out the vapor path, clean out your oven, and give the mouthpiece a thorough wipe. And, of course, keep in mind that you might need to thoroughly clean it more regularly if you’re using both concentrates and dry herbs.

Although it only takes a few minutes, a full clean, if done regularly, can add years onto your device. So, my disciples, now that you have had a thorough lesson on how to get the absolute most out of your Pax 3, go forth and prosper with your fantastic device!

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