14 Ways To Make Google Love Your Site [Infographic]

I don’t know how many times I have touched the subject of search engine optimization here on Bit Rebels. If you were to do a search, I am sure you would find a ton of useful information. This is an intriguing subject that really shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone these days. By optimizing your website for what Google and of course other websites are looking for, you set yourself up to gain more traffic. Maybe these 14 ways to make Google love your website will help things along.

There are topical websites that only deal with website optimization, and they vary from novice to advanced. Whether these 14 ways will make a huge impact or not is not really a question. By attending to the most important optimizations first, you make sure your traffic is instantly increased. After that, you can fine-tune your optimization to the point of perfection. But the 14 ways mentioned in this fresh infographic called 14 Ways To Make Google Love Your Website will make sure you get an instant impact.

In the old days, it could take Google several weeks to get a bearing on what had changed or updated on your website. Nowadays, it pretty much only takes a couple of days, if even that. Depending on whether you already have a popular website or not – your changes could get indexed within a few minutes. The time your site has been online is of course a factor that weighs heavily on your ranking when people search for stuff with the keywords you have used.

This infographic, presented by Content Corssroads, does not just deal with website optimization, but also the impact that your presence on your preferred social networking services has on the overall networking scene. Your influence has become a heavy factor when it comes to how Google evaluates your website. If you have a lot of high-end influencers liking your website on Facebook for example, Google takes that as an indicator that what you are sharing is good stuff. The quality and quantity of your content on your website is also a huge factor.

If you address all of these 14 ways to make Google love your website, you can bet that your traffic will increase almost instantaneously. Everything social (comments, interaction and mentions) seems to have become a factor which Google and other search engines keep putting more weight on. Make sure you address these also, and you will see that your website’s traffic will increase dramatically. Engagement is everything.

Why These 14 Ways Will Make Google Love Your Website

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