1984 Mac OS Now Available For Your Retina Display MacBook Pro

Just a couple days ago, Apple held their latest keynote. It was hyped like all their previous keynotes, but once again, they didn’t announce the iPhone 5 (or whatever they will call it). Some people think it was a let down that they didn’t announce the iPhone 5 or the Apple TV that they are said to be working on. I think many believed that they would have had something really groundbreaking to reveal this time around. They did of course, and if you look at what they announced, you can clearly see that they are working their way up to something really neat. I think they are updating all their software to match the new technologies they are working on. It would be quite stupid to release a technology when they don’t have the software to support it. It would be a waste of electronics in a way.

The new MacBook Pro they announced in this keynote is not only super impressive, but it also introduces a new way for photographers and movie makers to work. It will allow them to once again step up their quality to a level never before seen on a laptop computer. Just having the ability to work with true high definition footage without having to minimize the tool view is ultimately an achievement in technology.

However, if you think having pixels on the screen that the naked eye can’t even see from a normal working distance is cool, I think you need to check this out. Ben Vessey has been working on his very own way of retrofying his desktop. It so happens that the new retina display on the new MacBook Pro is perfect for his custom desktop theme, and it will retrofy your computer back to circa 1984. It’s free to download (if you just send a tweet or facebook the retro OS), and you will see that not only will the true retro feeling settle in, but also a slightly less cluttered desktop will appear. Sometimes working the retro way means letting your brain release some new ideas that you wouldn’t normally get when you are constantly bombarded with gradient layers and shadows. Retrofying FTW!



Via: [Technabob]