2 Recycling Ways To Sell Off Your Old Electronics

Are you going to recycle your old electronics? – Yeah, I know they might be in good shape to some extent, but my advice here is, not to throw those junky electronics in the trash, at least you can earn something, and this is gonna be a better move than nothing.

In my opinion throwing away your broken electronics such as iPhone, tabs, etc. won’t be a good idea, you should consider them as money you spent when you bought them, and at least they must give you some return before they become useless.

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As this is a very clear thing that broken devices have toxins substances and they can harm your environment when they end up even in a landfill. There are a couple of ways to get rid of them, one is to donate these for a good cause and the second is to sell them off, no matter what you are being paid for it.

Let us explore three ways to recycle your e-waste that give you something in return.

Trade Your Old Electronics For Hard Cash

There are big retailers markets online which are offering trade-in programs to dispose of your old electronics.

  • Targettrade-in.com offers a trade-in program through which you can exchange your old devices such as phones, video games, Xbox, laptops for a gift card.
  • Amazon allows you to sell your old Kindle and many other electronics.
  • Apple recycling program allows you to sell them some old Apple devices and in return, they will give you a gift card for the same amount you bought your Apple devices fromApple

If you’d like to sell it off yourself, visit Amazon, Craigslist or eBay.

If the device is still in good condition and you want to buy a nice piece, the best choice is to sell it off on Amazon and eBay.

You will find benefits and drawbacks to each of these websites: Craigslist is hyper-local and will ask you to meet face-to-face with customers, while Amazon and eBay are worldwide but take a little portion of the selling amount and can be impractical to navigate. If you cannot make your mind up between these two, you don’t need to. We suggest submitting your products to both websites and selling it at the best offer.

Use Gazelle For Hassle Free Trade

[pullquote]For some people, easy, risk-free selling is more compelling than the need to get the best possible price tag, and for those people, the best choice is a direct-buy used devices website like Gazelle.[/pullquote] This website helps you to find the model and make of devices, pcs, and more to find the best price offer.

Products with a price of more than $1 will deliver for free (you can easily print the tag at home) and some products are eligible for free packaging materials as well. Once they receive your product, they check it and send you payment. Even if your product does not have any marketing value, you may possibly be able to find a mail-in tag to recycle it.

The majority of electronics merchants offer free recycling solutions for electronic devices that are not safe to throw in a garbage dump. Additionally, there are standard kiosks in every Best Buy store where you can easily drop off outdated electric batteries, toner and ink tubes, cables and wires.

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