2010 – The year of Cell Phone Projectors!

There is a pile of new things coming out on the market in 2010. Not only some rather cool new tablet’s and cell phones but also some rather unique and long awaited features for them. So what exactly do we miss on a cell phone anyways? Well, we have a camera, we have a video camera, we have a microphone and we’ve got speakers…do you get where I am going with this?

During the CES LG, apparently, brought in a developer from Asia to preview his latest prototype of the LG phone with a feature he is working at. Yup, you guessed it! LG has managed to incorporate a small projector into the cell phone and it’s looking quite promising. The quality is above OK and I am sure with a few more tweaks this could be a sure hit on the market. Especially if Apple follows up with this feature on the next iPhone. Hopefully they will see the huge benefit of having such a feature on the iPhone and understand that whatever they have done so far is to please everyone that uses video and photos so why not this feature. Samsung is also working on a cell phone projector and they also are far in the process…

If I would have a guess I would think Apple maybe announcing something like this in 2011 second quarter. And could it possibly be called iPhone 4GP (P for Projector)? Hopefully this feature hits it big as there is probably a HUGE market for such a thing. We here at Bit Rebels reported of such a feature a little over 5 months ago but this is a far more pristine and thought through incorporation of the projector. And just the little round lens on top of the phone is just magic. Check it out!