25 Social Media Tools Your Brand Should Be Using [Infographic]

Using social media for promotion, interaction and engaging is a tough endeavor if you don’t know how to analyze the results. It doesn’t really matter if you’re an individual or a brand, if you’re looking to progress, you need to know the result of your efforts. That’s where all the social media tools come in handy. These software trackers are magnificent applications to use when you want to make sense of all your social media efforts.

Finding the right social media tools to track your effort can be like trying to squeeze yourself through the thickest jungle. There are tons and tons of applications out there, and they all claim to be the best. That may very well be true, but only for certain features and functions. Each service or software has its own set of social media tools, and you will have to look long and hard in order to find the best ones suited for you.

In order to help you tread this jungle, I decided to head on out and find something that might just help you a little bit. What I found was a useful infographic called 25 Awesome Social Media Tools Your Brand Should Be Using presented by the Social Media Strategies Summit. It has a whole truck load of services that would be beneficial to the success of your brand.

This social media tools infographic is divided up in 5 categories: Social Listening, Social Conversation, Social Marketing, Social Analytics and Social Influencer. In each category, there are 5 different applications or services that could impact your brand’s success heavily. All you need to do is pick the one that you think is best suited for your brand and needs. It’s when you start looking at the result of your social media efforts with the help of social media tools like these that you can really make changes that will progress your brand upwards instead of sideways.

Remember that not every app works for everyone. Sometimes you have to couple these apps differently in order to make them work for you instead of against you. The age of the bots is pretty much over. That worked for a while, and people reaped great rewards from it, but today it’s all about being unique, real, transparent and engaging. If you can apply those 4 things to your social media efforts, you are destined for success.

Social Media Tools To Monitor Your Brand

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25 Social Media Tools Infographic