3 Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Cloud Security Vendor

Cloud-based technology has been rapidly gaining in popularity. It’s essential to any business that aims to scale, cost-effectively increase their storage, as well as save time. Both new and well-established companies have been turning to compatible and user-friendly cloud computing technology. For emerging companies, this often means that they have cloud-based systems from the start.

The use of cloud technology has soared, especially with the necessity for hybrid work that combines on-site and remote work. It also made organizations and remote workers especially vulnerable to hackers.

As a result, the rise of cloud technology and its broad application has created more work for cybersecurity companies.  With IT and network security companies popping up left and right, how do you choose the best one for your business?

How can you know you outsourced cyber protection to the best cloud security companies in the field? – Stick around and find out what you should look for when researching cloud security companies.

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1. A Long History In Cybersecurity Business

Keep an eye out for businesses that have a solid reputation, seasoned companies that you often hear about as they’ve been around the block a few times. This is because they’ve likely discovered a major cyber threat or mitigated damaging cyberattacks in their time.

They’ve proven they can detect and keep your organization safe from attacks.

Cloud security firms with extensive experience:

  • React quickly because they already monitor and collect data on suspicious activity
  • Are one step ahead because they expect cyber threats
  • Have ready multi-layered protective systems on different devices linked to the cloud

Reacting quickly is the key because every minute of a cyberattack is financially more and more damaging. Sometimes you may not even know that you’re being attacked – but cloud security companies help you get rid of that blind spot.

Experienced companies have been in the game for so long because they know continuous testing for new threats and changing the protection system is crucial. This includes not trusting anyone in or outside of your company that tries to connect to your systems.

2. Versatile And Layered Protection

Cloud security is essential in protecting your entire organization which is reliant on cloud technology. This includes both on-site and online protection.  Also, it has to protect anything that connects to the cloud—emails, phones, your remote worker’s laptops, or home computers.

From which threats should companies protect their workers?

This is always changing because hackers constantly find new ways to attack. These are the common threats from which a company should protect its employees:

  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) that slows down your systems by overwhelming the traffic
  • Insider threats coming from the people within your organization
  • Live migration exploitation that uses the automated transfer of data in between clouds to create vulnerabilities for future attacks

These three are common, but top companies continuously look for new cybersecurity threats.

Cloud security companies make your IT team’s job easier by integrating security systems. This allows a bird’s-eye view of every cloud system of your company all in one place. Having a clear overview of your cloud systems in real-time is going to save your IT team a lot of frustration.

3. Adapting To Your Ever-Changing Business Models

Top cloud protection companies adjust to the new way business is done. They can customize the security for functional protection regardless of the way you decide to do business tomorrow. Every individual business requires different cloud protection. This is because businesses come in all different shapes and sizes, and they use cloud technology to a different extent.

Top cloud security companies adapt to your business and its needs, whatever they may be now – and in the future. Recent examples are the increase of cloud technology use and cyberattacks that have occurred during the recent rise of remote work.

Businesses that survived the pandemic used cloud computing technology to adapt to the new normal. It helped them to shift their teams to remote or hybrid work by allowing them to connect to their organization’s systems from their homes.

Cloud computing is continually evolving. It means that there will be new ways to make your business more practical and ensure its growth with cloud technology. This will require more resilient cloud protection.

You want a cloud security company that can keep up with your evolving and growing business.

How To Choose The Best Cloud Security Company?

When you choose your cybersecurity company – make sure it’s trustworthy.  The best company for you knows what they’re doing, has been doing it a long time, and knows how to set the protective systems for your company’s specific needs.

The cream of the crop is also always endeavoring to learn and following the ever-changing trends in the cloud computing industry. They keep their eye out for any new vulnerabilities, making sure that your company gets the biggest benefits of cloud computing technology.

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