3D Accessory Turns The iPhone Into A Full-Fledged Holographic Device

There are a lot of people who are wondering when we’ll see mid-air holograms incorporated into our smartphones. It has been a dream for many science fiction fans for decades now. A recent announcement showcased the world’s first mid-air hologram technology, and it shows great potential. When it comes to our smartphones though, a holographic 3D accessory might still seem a long way from becoming a reality. But that doesn’t mean there are not great workarounds.

In this particular case, there is now an accessory that will enable you to watch movies in holographic mode. Well, not entirely. The movie has to have been created in three separate layers which will then get projected onto the 3D accessory added on to the iPhone itself. It’s a contraption consisting of 3 transparent mirrors that will make the picture viewable from any direction within the 180 degree frontal view.

The device, dubbed the i3DG, is a project that uses the illusion approach rather than a breakthrough technology approach to solving the holographic display. However, it is not a bad approach by any stretch of the imagination. It works for short movies, and it could totally, if perfected, become a nifty and trendy little gadget for all iPhone users.

The technology behind this 3D accessory holographic add-on is quite basic, but the result is quite impressive considering how basic the technology behind it is. This 3D accessory is not yet a commercial product, but it shows great potential for being a prototype. There are plenty of DIY tutorials for this one on the Internet for anyone who wants to create their own.

Much like every other holographic device that we have seen, it still uses illusion technology to make it work, which is something that could make it look less awesome than it really is. The ability to watch 3d holographic movies on our iPhones is a feat many people would like to master, and it is also one that has been asked for by a lot of people. Whether this will become popular enough for production is hard to say though. This 3D accessory doesn’t really “add” anything groundbreaking to the movie experience that you would pay money for. I guess it’s a content type of problem. There are no movies created for it, and that could by all means be its downfall. What do you think? Is this something you would like to see as an iPhone 3D accessory in stores near you?

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