LED Curtain Displays Incredible 3D Light Shows

Everything seems to be about 3D these days. If it’s not a 3D printer, it is a new movie theater with a new kind of 3D experience. Rewind 10 years, and people would have frowned upon the thought of wearing 3D glasses in theaters – even more so if they were confronted with the thought of wearing 3D glasses in front of the TV at home. But these days, even an LED curtain that displays a 3D dance light show seems like a cool idea.

Is the world finally ready for the whole 3D concept to take control of every single gadget in our possession? Well, the question is whether or not it has already done that. Comparing 3D graphics on a screen with that of the LED curtain would be obnoxious. The LED curtain doesn’t even come close to the resolution your screen has, but it can be spread over a way larger area. This particular LED curtain is specifically created to display 3D animations in a light show format. Usually LED curtains are just one sheet of LEDs, but this one is layered with plenty, which makes it able to show complex and interesting 3D light show animations.

The concept in itself is meant for stores as well as in our homes. The “device” comes in several different sizes. You will be able to choose from 3D desk LED curtains all the way up to the size presented in the video. If you’re looking for a more pixel thick way to display your light animations, I am afraid you will have to take a look at a real monitor. This is purely meant as a cool way to display 3D animations through an interesting and new format.

I have written about a display like this before, but this one is a commercialized product that anyone can get their hands on. There are currently several different companies making these available, and this particular one is provided by SeekWay. Be prepared to pay a hefty buck though, they are quite advanced and take a bit of setting up. However, the end result is out of this world.

3D LED Curtain Light Show Animation