3D Printed Iron Man Helmet Is Closest Attempt Yet To The Real Deal

It seems everyone is currently trying to create a working Iron Man suit. It is understandable, no doubt, but so far it’s mostly been cosplayers quickly trying to replicate the gear and suit for a cool event somewhere. There have of course been a few projects that have been more elaborate than others. However, I am doubtful that anyone has put down so much time into creating it as Ryan Brooks who recently unveiled his 3D printed Iron Man helmet, features and all.

3D printing is rapidly becoming the one most used approach to prototyping things, even increasing in popularity when it comes to mass producing things. With faster and more advanced 3D printers, there is no doubt we’ll see inventors picking up speed putting their ideas together. It’s an all good thing as we’ll see new technologies rapidly progress, just like 3D printing is doing right now. For Ryan 3D printing was vital in the process of building his sick Iron Man helmet.

The helmet itself is made out of plastic. However, in the future when products like the Vader molten metal 3D printer are finalized, it’s possible that we’ll see a whole new line of Iron Man builds with a replica that is closer to the real deal. Even though this Iron Man helmet is plastic, it has some pretty neat features that I am sure are going to resonate with Iron Man fans. The first feature is of course that it is comfortable to wear, and yet there are technologies incorporated into it that far exceed most Iron Man helmet builds out there.

The helmet has an accelerometer inside that allows the wearer to nod backwards, which will make the face plate open. When you want the face plate back in place you just nod forward and the mechanics will close it. Yup, the faceplate is even operated with a servo mechanism which makes this Iron Man helmet a dream to wear as you will be able to comfortably see out and people will be able to see you when the face plate is open. Even the jaw structure of the helmet is lowered slightly when the face plate opens up to give you even more viewing space.

There is a lot about this helmet that makes it super close to the real deal, so watch the videos below and be ready to be blown away. I am sure in the near future Ryan will be able to create this Iron Man helmet out of at least aluminum in order to somewhat replicate even the “clank” sound as the face plate closes. One of these days we’ll see the real deal with all features incorporated there is no doubt about that! People are just too innovative and curious not to realize this suit.

Ryan Brooks’ 3D Printed Iron Man Helmet Replica

Printed Iron Man Helmet

Printed Iron Man Helmet