4 Undeniable Benefits Of Using An Online Fax Service

Think faxing is an antiquated mode of formal correspondence? Then you might want to think again. In fact, faxing never faded away to begin with; it simply evolved into a more convenient and flexible cloud-based service.

Just because you don’t own a fax machine doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy transmitting important documents and files like in the good old days. Here are four benefits of the new elevated mode of transmission: online faxing.

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1. Fax On The Go

Forget about the hassle of connecting to clunky landlines and slow fax modems. Or the thought of having to drive miles from your home to access a fax machine. That’s because e-faxing replaces those inconveniences with a service that allows you to fax from anywhere, anytime. It’s convenience at its very best. Because online faxing services are software-based, you simply need an internet-enabled device to send or receive faxes.

Before you start jumping for joy at the prospect of enjoying truly pain-free and convenient faxing, there’s one thing you need to do first: get a service provider. Be sure to scour the market for a provider that’s worth their weight in gold.

Once you zero in on a few picks, visit their websites to ascertain their credentials. Ultimately, your unique business communication requirements should form the basis of your final decision. Finding an ideal candidate guarantees that you’ll never again need to do a Google search for “fax near me.”

2. Security, Security, Security

Cyber attackers are real, and so is the threat they pose. If you’re contemplating using e-fax services for business, you may have doubts about the security and privacy of sensitive documents while in transit. Here’s a reprieve: never has faxing been this secure. That’s because most online service providers rely on well-secured digital networks, not phone lines. Specifically, they use high-level end-to-end encryption.

This level of encryption is robust and watertight enough to protect confidential data during and after transmission. Traditional faxing never offered that. Can cyber attackers breach encrypted documents?

Well, not quite. To view the actual contents, they first have to decrypt the fax, which is nearly impossible to do without the secret key. If you ask us, that’s a pretty solid benefit, especially because you can also verify the source of a document. All you need to do is use timestamps or audit trails.

3. Stay Organized, Always

Business efficiency and organization go hand in hand; after all, you can’t claim to run your business efficiently if there are loads of jumbled paperwork scattered everywhere. Fortunately, an online fax service can clean up that mess for you faster than you can utter the word “disorganized.”

Online faxing comes with cloud storage, allowing you to store all your faxes in one place. You also enjoy access to the documents whenever you need them regardless of location. Here’s the best part: You’re able to view archived faxes and search by contacts. If that isn’t supreme organization, we don’t know what is.

4. Seamlessly Track The Status Of Your Faxes

In the list of impossible things to track, faxes have long enjoyed the top spot, alongside letters. Not anymore. With an online fax service, you’ll always know whether any faxes were transmitted successfully. That’s because most services come with an option to check the status in real-time. There’s also an option to view and download the transmission receipt.

No more staying in the dark. No more losing your sanity. No more guesswork. Besides, with most services, you’ll receive a timely notification by email or text message as soon as the fax reaches the intended recipient. This way, you can sleep better at night knowing that your crucial documents were delivered on time with zero hassle.

Business Communication Made Better

If you’ve previously shied away from using an online fax service, we hope this information has convinced you otherwise. The fact of the matter is that this mode of formal communication is incredibly convenient, secure, efficient, and enables effortless tracking—all without requiring you to move a muscle. More business deals, fewer communication hassles, and a huge competitive advantage await you on the other side.

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