5 Advanced Router Features You Should Use For A Better WiFi Network

For most of the people, wireless routers can only serve the internet connection in your house and nothing else. That was true indeed. But in today’s world, WiFi network routers have become much more advanced. So, if you have a new router, make sure to use these 5 steps to enjoy a better WiFi network experience in your home. Just in case you have an old router, you’ll have to replace that with a new router. This guide can help you find the best wireless routers right now.

1. Add External Storage

You can attach an external storage to share across your network, through the USB port of your router. To add an external storage, first, you’ll have to enable USB sharing feature on your router. After this, plug your storage device into the router. This device can be anything from a pen drive to an SSD. Now your attached device can be found in your file explorer. If you want this file to remain connected to your network, right-click on it and select ‘Map Network Drive’

2. Connected Media & Backup Servers

The external storage capability is good but some WiFi network router manufacturers have gone far from this. If you have DLNA-support on your router, you can set up your attached storage as a media center and you can have controls over it as how audio and video files are going to be shared over your network.

Apart from this, you can also set an automatic backup of all your network in that attached storage.

3. Control Traffic With Network Prioritization

Suppose you’re giving an important job interview over skype and suddenly your internet connection slows down to the point that your skype calls disconnects.

The reason? Your little sibling is streaming some random YouTube videos in HD.

As expected, you’ll be pissed off. To ensure you don’t suffer from this fate, there is a thing called Network Prioritization. Using network prioritization, you can assign internet bandwidth to specific applications in your network.

You can select the priority of some application higher than others. Higher property apps will get more internet speed than slower ones.

4. Shared Printing

Although wireless printing is not a whole new concept, you can do printing from all for your devices, thanks to shared printing. Using shared printing, all you should do is to connect your printer to your router via a USB port, again. This feature is handy if you want to print on the go.

5. Apps For Mobile Management

WiFi networks are not perfect, they can easily break down, while you’re in office. Or someone can access it while you’re not home. In this case, you can use mobile apps for different routers. Using these apps you can also do channel contention, monitor signal strength, and attenuation from any manufacturer’s router, all on your mobile device.

5 Advanced Router Features For A Better WiFi Network

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