5 iPad Apps You Don’t Want To Miss!

Based on the majority of tweets a month ago, you would have never guessed the iPad would be such a huge success already. It seems everyone has forgotten the lame jokes and now we are all focused on experiencing this new toy that everyone is talking about.

Of course, the iPad will only be as good as the apps that are developed for it. I’m an app fanatic and I’ve been reading reviews on iPad apps like crazy. There are some that appear to be the same as their iPhone counterparts, just more expensive. Then, there are others that are created specifically for the iPad and they look brilliant.

I have probably read over a hundred reviews of apps just since the iPad was released. Some of the games are making my mouth water (N.O.V.A., Mirror’s Edge), and I have a whole list that I can’t wait to play on the iPad. I soon as I play them, I will write a first hand post for you. In the meantime, here is a link to download 28 free iPad games.

Below are five apps that I am excited to try, and just in case they have slipped under your radar, I wanted to bring them to your attention in case you’d like to check them out too!


No matter where you look on the Internet, you will read great reviews about this app. As if playing Scrabble wasn’t already super fun, now each player can use their iPhones with the Tile Rack app to hold their letters. All the iPhones and the iPad sync up for a jolly good time. The HD graphics on this are stunning. This is the app I’m most excited about! Price: $9.99


As you probably know, Amazon released a kindle app for the iPad, and then Apple piggybacked on them and came out with the iBooks app. Although most of the reviews online say they match up almost feature for feature, since the kindle app does not allow two columns for reading (like a real book), which I think would be awkward, I am most excited for the iBooks app. I can’t wait to try this! I already have a whole list of books that I want to download. Price: app is free, books range from free to $14.99

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Yes, I am talking about elements from the periodic table in chemistry class. The things people are saying about this app are nuts! It’s being called the most magical ebook ever created. Wow, I have to check this out. According to Huffington Post, even USA today is singing its praises, “The iPad’s splendor and power may be best shown by The Elements. It’s not like any ebook you’ve ever seen.” Read more about this app here (even looking at this site illustrates their attention to detail) – http://touchpress.com. Price: $13.99

Drawing Pad

Don’t be fooled, even though they are marketing this app to kids, it was developed for artists of all ages. It is an entire art studio for your iPad. You can use pencils, paints, markers, crayons, erasers and tons of other art supplies. You can read a very in-depth yet fun review of this app here: http://www.padgadget.com. I can’t wait to have this little slice of creativity! Price: $1.99.


No self-respecting Twitterholic would write this article without including a Twitter app! My app of choice is TweetDeck and when I saw how beautifully this works on the iPad, I knew I had to have it. In the next version of Tweetdeck for the iPad, we will even be able to view our Twitter and FaceBook streams on the same screen, in different columns. You can read all the juicy details here: http://mashable.com/2010/04/02/tweetdeck-for-ipad. I plan to do all my tweeting from this app and I can’t wait! Price: Free

Thank you for the info, the pics and for just being cool!