5 Options For Affordable Mobile Plans This Winter

Mobile phone plans offer fantastic perks and entertainment options, like streaming subscriptions, free talking and texting to other countries, and much more. But if your budget is looking a little tight this winter, you might want an affordable mobile plan instead of a premium option.

Fortunately, there are lots of great affordable mobile plans for this winter and throughout 2023. Let’s take a look at five phone plans in detail.

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RedPocket Unlimited Data Plan

First on the list is the Unlimited Data Plan from RedPocket. Starting at just $20 per month, this plan gives you 3 GB of hotspot data and 5G connectivity right out of the box. Nationwide 5G coverage is something you may have to hunt for among other affordable mobile plans, so keep in mind that this is a major benefit!

On top of that, this Unlimited Data Plan comes with additional perks, such as:

  • The ability to keep your phone and number or get new ones
  • The ability to use this plan with AT&T or unlocked phones
  • The ability to call anywhere in the world for free
  • A universal SIM card that can fit in any phone
  • Fast activation
  • And more

RedPocket’s mobile plans all include these major benefits. So if you have a little extra cash and would rather have 100 GB of 5G hotspot data, you can get it with the same benefits to your coverage quality, your phone number, and so on. You can further sign up for annual plans from RedPocket to lower your overall or average cost of mobile service on a yearly basis.

Mint Mobile Family Plan

Then there’s Mint Mobile and its Family Plan, which starts at $30 per line. This is a great mix-and-match family plan if you also want to prioritize affordability, as you can choose from different data packages and per-line costs depending on how much data each member of your family uses on average.

For instance, you can pay less for your line if your child uses more hotspot data or vice versa. The plan allows you to add up to five lines to your account. Pricing is lowest if you commit to two lines, and you only have to commit for three months. As a result, you aren’t locked into Mint Mobile for more than a quarter, making it easy to switch phone plans if you are unsatisfied in the long term.

US Mobile Unlimited Premium Plan

US Mobile’s Unlimited Premium Plan is another excellent option, starting at $30 per month. It offers the ability to add up to four lines in total, so it’s an affordable and family-friendly plan if you need cell phone coverage for both you and a few others in your same household.

This affordable phone plan is backed by both Verizon and T-Mobile’s nationwide coverage networks, so you should have excellent service and connectivity no matter where you go. Verizon in particular offers excellent 5G speeds and the best overall 4G LTE coverage.

Should you choose this plan and at least three lines, you can choose from several entertainment perks like Disney+ subscriptions, Apple TV Plus subscriptions, and so on. On the downside, if you choose this plan and only have two phone lines, you won’t get any additional perks.

Visible Base Plan

Visible’s Base Plan is fairly affordable at $30 per line. It covers about 99% of the US population and is owned by Verizon, so it uses its parent company’s network. While it offers 5G data speeds, your surfing and downloading are capped at 200 Mb per second. It should be fast enough for the majority of tasks, but keep this in mind.

Unfortunately, your data may be deprioritized during times of heavy traffic as a result of this affordability. Still, you benefit from unlimited talk, text, and data roaming in Canada and Mexico if you sign up for this affordable mobile plan.

Google Fi

You can alternatively choose this unique option from Google. Google Fi starts at $20 per line and charges another $10 per gigabyte of roaming data you use. Thus, it could be a very affordable and flexible choice if you don’t use a lot of roaming data already. Even better, this charging scheme uses a prorating system; if you don’t use a whole gigabyte of data, for example, you won’t get charged for that gigabyte.

The Google Fi phone plan uses the 5G and 4G LTE networks for US Cellular and T-Mobile. If you pass a monthly threshold, your downloading speed will be throttled. But otherwise, it’s a good choice for folks who need something affordable and who primarily use their phones to make calls rather than streaming shows.

Any of the above five phone plans could be right for you and your family depending on your budget limitations, personal preferences, and the kinds of phones you use. Try to sign up for any of these plans during the holiday discounts to take full advantage of momentary price dips.

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