5 Qualities That Make A Speaker A Solid Choice For Your Bathroom

If you enjoy music, you probably enjoy it in every room of the house. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the bathroom presents several unique challenges. The issue of moisture is the first one that most people consider. But, beyond simple moisture, can a speaker tolerate splashes of water and wet fingers?

Fortunately, if singing in the shower isn’t enough, and you need professional accompaniment, technology has kept up with the issue and created not only the appropriate speakers but plenty of safety tips for their use. For more information, check out this Oontz Angle 3 review. For more tips, read on.

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Waterproofing/Water Resistance

How well a speaker can tolerate moisture is usually one of the first factors that most people consider when they shop for a bathroom speaker, and rightfully so. After all, not only does a bathroom speaker have to tolerate moisture in the air, but also occasional splashes and even wet fingers.

Along the same lines, a waterproof/resistant speaker should also have controls that are rubberized, grilles that are moisture-proof, and a non-slip stand or a wall-mounting option. Either type can be great for bathrooms.

Good Sound With Lots Of Basses

The bottom line for any speaker is the sound, of course, but this presents an interesting problem for bathrooms since most speakers tend to be small and lack a full spectrum of sound. Fortunately, the technology that has been developed in the past few years has brought sound quality up, especially bass.

Good Sound Dispersion

This is another problem with many speakers that are small. Sound dispersion is often a problem, especially when it comes to sending that sound over a wide area. Sometimes, you can find a “sweet spot,” but that’s often more trouble than it’s worth, so getting just the right speaker is usually the best remedy.

Practical Matters

As nice as having your sound is in certain rooms, such as the bathroom and the kitchen, practical matters often reign supreme. These include your ability to get Bluetooth, Wi-Fi streaming, and local radio stations. Buttons that are pre-set provide a nice convenience that makes it easy to control what you want to listen to.

Compact Form

Bathrooms aren’t usually very big, so it’s always nice to have a speaker that is comparatively small and will fit nearly anywhere. In most cases, users either want to sit a speaker on a shelf or have it mounted to a wall. This is particularly true if you want to have the speaker in the shower.

The good news in all of this is that, only a few years ago, the thought of having speakers in the bathroom wasn’t very practical. Today, however, with all the advanced technology and materials, it’s not a matter of whether you can have speakers in the bathroom but what features you want in those speakers.

It doesn’t take looking very long before you will realize that whatever kind of feature you would like in a bathroom speaker can be had. It all depends on what features you want and what price you want to pay. The chances are very good that you will find something that fits your needs and your budget.

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