5 Tips To Make Setting Up Your New Tech Devices Easier

When you make the investment in a new piece of technology, or simply switch from one phone to another, things can get confusing. Follow these tips so you don’t lose any pieces, keep your gadgets protected, and have fun in the process.

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Unbox With Care

Tearing into the plastic, opening boxes, loosening twist-ties, and digging into your new toy is fun. But, get too overzealous and you may end up discarding accessories like cords or earbuds for your device or accidentally throwing away important paperwork. Worse yet, you could damage your item. Take your time. Keep your items together and compare what you’ve unpacked with the packing list before recycling the empty boxes and wrappings.

Secure Your Investment

While there’s nothing more exciting than a new tech gadget to play with, that shiny new toy won’t do you much good if it falls into the hands of thieves. Keep your personal information safe and protect your privacy with Norton 360 and LifeLock protection. From automatic backup protection and real-time threat alerts, you can stay ahead of the game with this all-in-one privacy and security package.

Setting Up A New Phone

Who doesn’t love a new phone? It’s a good thing that the setup is simple. After you charge and turn on your new phone, your smartphone’s setup wizard will guide you through the process. Since the Pew Research Center report revealed 96 percent of Americans own a cell phone, you don’t have to start from scratch with the new phone. The setup wizard lets you transfer information.

No matter what phone you choose, you’ll need a phone case to go along with it. Look to brands specializing in superior drop protection. Beveled edges help keep phones from shattering, but a screen protector will go above and beyond in preventing scratches and gouges.

Setting Up A Smart TV

If you want to get your new smart TV set up, you’ll need to know your login information for all of your streaming accounts. You can add these accounts in as you need them. It’s a one and done deal, so you won’t have to repeat the process.

Consider how you’ll use a device before you cram in more space-consuming apps. For instance, if you don’t see yourself using Facebook from your smart TV, save the space, and the time of punching in another password, and skip it. You can always add it in later if you change your mind.

Setting Up Smart Home Devices

A Metova study revealed that 90 percent of consumers own a smart home device, so chances are you’ve set up a similar device before. Connect the cables, enter in your info, and find out the weather or set a timer with your new smart home device. Or go beyond the basics to add other skills and connect with your favorite apps.

Interact with your new device. Ask Alexa questions including: “Alexa, what happens if you step on Lego?” or “Alexa, tell me what you want, what you really, really want.” Google Home doesn’t lack humor either. Try phrases like “OK Google, are you friends with Alexa?” or “OK Google, who’s the fairest of them all?”

New Tech Devices

Setting up new gadgets couldn’t be easier, thanks to intuitive setup wizards included in everything from phones to TVs to smart home devices. Protect your smartphone with a case and don’t neglect your data security to keep your personal information safe.

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