5 Ways To Maintain The Value Of Your Automobile

Cars are a significant investment and, aside from property, are one of the most expensive purchases a person will make in their lifetime. A new vehicle will depreciate in value as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to maintain the value of your automobile.

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Keep It Clean

Like any precious possession, to maintain the aesthetic characteristics of your car, you should keep it clean. Ensure you install fabric or rubber mats in the footwells to prevent dirt and grime from staining the carpeting within the car. These should be hard-wearing, waterproof, and easily removed for washing.

Polish the chrome accents on your car’s dashboard, gearstick, and doorstep with a caring cream cleanser. Use a quality glass cleaner to remove small debris from the windscreen and mirrors to minimize minor scrapes and scratches. Vacuum the upholstery and use car seat covers to protect the seats from wear and tear.

Regularly wash the exterior of the car with a decent car shampoo that will look after the paintwork and not cause the color to fade or tarnish. Pay special attention to the alloy wheels as a gleaming set of alloys are a thing of beauty and monetary value. Never eat, drink, smoke, or allow animals in your car as the dirt and smells can linger for years.

Store It

Keeping your car undercover in a garage or other similar building will protect it from the elements. The body paintwork of a car can become faded if it is sitting in strong sunshine for extended periods. During the winter, the ice, rain, and snow may cause the vehicle to develop patches of rust.

The fuel tank can fill with moisture and do untold damage to the engine, as can freezing of the car’s fluids. A real plus point about storing a car in a garage is that it will lower the insurance premium you pay, so look around for some of the best car insurance companies for a fair deal.

Drive Carefully

Look after your car at all times. Don’t speed over bumpy roads and ruin the suspension or crank up the mileage unnecessarily.

Know Your Cars

Some models of motor vehicles retain their value more than others, so keep that in mind when you are purchasing. When choosing interior and exterior colors, be wise and choose something that will be popular when you come to sell your car in the future. Dark upholstery or leather is often more popular than light colors, and a lime green exterior may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Service It

Maintain the efficiency of your car by having it serviced by a reputable mechanic at least once a year. The mechanic will give your car a thorough going over and change the oil and filters, check the brakes, suspension, and steering.

You should do some regular checks yourself, such as monitoring the oil level in the engine, the pressure of the tires, and the condition of the windscreen wipers and lights. Enjoy your car and remember to treat it with some respect – the love and attention will pay off in the long run.

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