6 SEO Tools You Must Have In Your Toolbox

SEO is a vital component of your online marketing strategy. Without effective SEO, your site will never gain the traction it needs to be successful. As an SEO marketer, it’s your job to have a toolbox featuring software you can use in research, content publication, and analysis.

Here are six SEO tools that will help your website boost its ranking and drive more traffic to your platform.

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1. Blogging Tools

Your blog provides the touchstone between your prospects and your website. A blog needs to focus on keywords and phrases that are relevant to your niche. Choose topics that your core audience find appealing and then expand on these ideas.

An SEO tool for blogs, such as Yoast SEO, will ensure that you have efficient meta-descriptions, plurbs, and excerpts that help search bots rank your content.

2. Keyword Analysis & Content Tools

Keyword research is the most critical part of developing content that ranks well. If you get your keyword research wrong, you’re wasting valuable time and effort. Free tools like Ubersuggest are adequate to get the job done, but they still leave money on the table regarding their efficacy.

Not only that but producing high-quality content is also a related issue of your SEO strategy. One service that solves both of these problems is the keyword and content tools from Zag.ai which uses artificial intelligence to extract thousands of trending topics and concepts while identifying key influencers in your niche. Discover what your audience is sharing and replicate content that drives engagement. Monitor forums, influencers, sites, and keywords that drive traffic to your website and help you find the best keywords as well.

3. Technical SEO Tools

These tools allow you to dig around in the back-end of your site and remove errors that you may not be aware exist on your site. DeepCrawl is an example of a paid SEO tool that provides you with spreadsheets and charts of the backend while delivering solutions for fixes.

4. Link Removal Tools

Google penalizes sites that have spam links or broken links. Link removal tools are a necessity to restore the credibility of your website in the eyes of Googles algorithm.

5. Ranking Tools

Track the effectiveness of your SEO strategy using these tools. Here is a list of 21 ranking tools, one of them will bound to be useful. These help you understand what’s working and allows you to scale your efforts without guesswork.

6. Social Optimization Tools

Schedule your posts across multiple platforms using tools like Hootsuite. Never miss a deadline and always have your content ready to go.

Wrapping Up – Expense Vs. Reward

Many SEO marketers choose not to employ a full range of tools due to their cost. They feel that they aren’t worth the money and they can do a better job free software, or with nothing at all.

This strategy is a mistake, and it will end up costing you traction and conversion down the road. Take the plunge and purchase the best tools you can afford. Your traffic depends on the strength of your toolbox, so, make sure you have the equipment to handle any situation.

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