6 Awesome Smart Technologies For Your Carpet

The warmth and coziness that a well-maintained carpet adds to a home can only be compared to the snuggly feel of a warm blanket. As much as every homeowner desires to have the plushest carpet installed on their floors, its maintenance is quite scary, and most will opt for area rugs that are easier to vacuum, wash and even dry.

Apparently, this will always be the case until you know and invest in some of the most incredible smart technologies such as robotic vacuum cleaners for your carpet. With such smart technology, you will be able to keep your carpets clean, fresh, beautiful, healthy and long-lasting. Smart technology has come as a savior in so many ways when it comes to caring for carpets. Discussed below are some of the diverse ways that smart technology helps in taking care of our carpets.

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1. Reliable Carpet Cleaning

The one thing that makes having a carpet in your home cool is the level of hygiene you are willing to embrace once it is installed. Whether it is wall-to-wall carpeting or smaller area rugs, you cannot compromise when it comes to the frequency of cleaning it. Since regularly cleaning your carpets manually eventually takes a toll on our strength, it helps to enlist the help of smart technological machines like robotic vacuum cleaners and automatic carpet cleaners.

Smart technologies such as robotic vacuum cleaners and automatic carpet cleaners will ensure that your carpets are kept spotless at all times without your direct intervention. High-quality robotic vacuum cleaners like Ecovacs can be used at least thrice a week to vacuum your carpets while automatic carpet cleaners and robotic steam cleaners can be used less frequently for deeper and thorough carpet cleaning.

2. Detection Of Dirty Spots

Cleaning a carpeted floor is just one way to reduce dirt, but when combined with meticulous dirt detection technologies, you get an almost perfect cleaning device. Smart carpet cleaning technologies usually come equipped with dirt detection sensors that scan the surrounding and find the dirtiest spots such as high traffic areas and under furniture.

Once the dirty spots have been identified, the vacuum or cleaner will then concentrate on them, cleaning back and forth until all the dirt is eliminated. Some of these smart carpet cleaners actually have a system that increases its suction and brush rotation at instances where more dirt has been detected. This ensures that even the dirtiest areas of your carpeted floors are well cared for without a hassle.

3. Odor Elimination

Having a spotless carpet is great, but if it still has a hint of the smell of household or pet messes, then it won’t be as appealing. This is where we need to consider smart carpet cleaning technologies with odor elimination capabilities. In addition to carbon filters that are good at this job, the best of these carpet-cleaning gadgets usually have a detergent dispenser that releases some detergent onto the carpet, getting rid of the dirt and simultaneously giving your carpet a fresher and pleasant smell. This is especially important for households with pets and young children as they are prone to dirt and nasty odors.

4. Air Filtration

You may be wondering why we are talking about air filtration while we are supposed to be based specifically on carpets. Well, you should know that when vacuuming with a low-quality vacuum cleaner, most dirt particles will find their way into the atmosphere. After you are done cleaning, this dirt will settle on the carpets again making them dirty once more.

However, smart carpet-cleaning technologies usually come with a well-designed filtration system that keeps even the tiniest dirt particles and debris intact inside the dirt container. This prevents any of the dirt, dust, and allergens from becoming airborne, thus making your carpets and living environment cleaner, fresher and healthier. The best robot vacuum for carpet cleaning must always come with HEPA filtration or a Carbon filter.

5. Monitoring Of Cleaning

Being able to tell where your cleaning process is exactly at and the status of your carpet’s hygiene is a great plus when it comes to caring for your carpets. Most smart technologies for cleaning carpets usually come with a control hub or a smartphone app via which you can monitor and analyze the status of your carpet’s cleaning. For instance, you can see the sections that have been cleaned recently, which will help you focus on the areas that haven’t been cleaned recently.

You can also monitor the frequency at which your tools clean your carpeted floors and determine whether to increase it or not. The most advanced technologies can even give you a mapped view of your home with a comprehensive analysis of how best to achieve the perfect clean for your floors. You can even set virtual boundaries for some vacuum cleaners so that they cannot vacuum beyond the set area.

6. Flexible Cleaning Schedules

Everyone agrees that keeping carpets clean requires so much dedication and time as compared to bare floors that can simply be swept or even dusted to perfection. Doing this manually on carpets is not a feasible option as you won’t achieve the perfect clean and it is quite tiresome and cumbersome.

Having a robotic vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner helps a great deal in terms of giving your carpets a faster effective clean without forcing you to push them around the house. Their remote handsfree operation, as well as scheduling capabilities, make it possible for homeowners to have their carpeted floors vacuumed and cleaned as frequently as they desire.

For example, even if you and your whole family are away on a two-week vacation, you can easily schedule the robotic vacuum cleaner or smart carpet cleaner to clean your floors seven times a week, and this is exactly what it will do. You can even monitor the cleaning process via your smartphone app, thanks to these smart gadgets’ Wi-Fi connectivity. According to the information I found on site RobotBox, in this Buyer’s Guide, the best model for carpets is Roomba 980 because this model has special mode “Carpet Mode”.

Final Thought

Smart carpet cleaning technology keeps evolving and improving year in year out. Actually, there is no limit as to what we should expect some years from now as manufacturers of these gadgets keep coming up with better versions every time.

What you can achieve from these smart technologies cannot be achieved from a broom and dustpan or a mop and bucket. Therefore, if you want some peace of mind and ample time to enjoy your life without neglecting your home’s hygiene, then you should get a smart carpet-cleaning gadget to help

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