Backpack Vacuum Enables Ghostbuster Style Cleaning

Cleaning has never been much of a fun endeavor for most people. Sure, there are some people out there who wouldn’t mind cleaning all day long, but for most people, it’s just an annoyance that has to be taken care of. In order to make things more fun, you totally need to check out the new and quite geeky Backpack Vacuum. No longer will you need to drag your vacuum around your house bumping into corners, chairs and getting stuck between all kinds of stuff. Nope, this backpack vacuum actually allows you to carry it around with you. It’s like a regular backpack which is connected to the power outlet just like your regular vacuum cleaner.

The difference is that the backpack vacuum actually looks (and probably feels) like a proton backpack taken straight from the Ghostbusters movies. There’s no doubt it will give a nice little back massage as well when you turn it on. Packing this thing on your back will make you look like a science fiction superhero out to clean everything that is dirty in the world. Its neat little size also adds to the geeky factor and will probably make your neighbors look twice when they pass your window and see you cleaning.

The backpack vacuum is made available by the always entertaining distributor Hammacher Schlemmer and is priced at $199.95. In all fairness, that makes the backpack vacuum one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners on the market when you compare it to other geeky cleaning machines. I don’t know if the backpack vacuum is the only vacuum that utilizes this geeky way of carrying it, but it is definitely one of the coolest geek gadgets a cleaning fanatic could ever get his or her hands on. So, if you want to feel like a Ghostbuster every once in a while, make sure you check out this backpack vacuum, and you will be rolling like a true geek for the rest of your cleaning days. 


Via: [Gizmodiva]