650,000 Volt Stun Gun iPhone 4S Case For Personal Protection

I feel sad even having to write an article like this. The crime rate in the world seems to go up each day, and people are arming themselves just to be able to walk out the door, or even while staying inside. It’s bad, and even though the majority of people don’t want any of this, there will always be people who tread outside the law in order to get what they want. It is a stressful environment for many people to live in, and feeling safe is no longer a guarantee unfortunately. If you are against firearms or anything that is designed to kill, there are of course other options that could potentially make you feel a whole lot more safe in your environment.

There are plenty of iPhone cases that cater to your protection, but few pack a punch as powerful as the Stun Gun iPhone 4S Case – Yellow Jacket. It is an iPhone case equipped with a battery capable of a 650,000V jolt. That is enough to incapacitate any villain and give you enough time to call for help or even run away. This badboy is something that a lot of people have been waiting for. No longer do you need to carry around a firearm or a knife to make you feel safe.

It just came out of development, and with a pledge (in order for the developers to be able to launch the case nationwide) of just $100, you will get your very own case once it reaches its goal. You can find even more information about it on IndieGogo, which is the official product page at the current time. The case is quite robust, but not too bulky, and it is not something that will hinder you if you find yourself in the midst of a robbery attempt. We have long wished for more personal security accessories when it comes to the iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter, and now it seems the world has started to see the iPhone’s potential both through its exterior and interior features.



Via: [OhGizmo!]