7 Legal EDC Gear You Might Want To Consider Buying

An Everyday Carry Gear is a set of items that should be with you every day, whether you’re walking, working, camping, or traveling. EDC gear should be small enough to fit in your pockets, belt, or a small purse, and easy to carry around wherever you go.

Carrying the essential EDC gear will make your life easier, and will help you deal with emergencies and situations where you have to defend yourself. Here are 7 legal EDC gear that you should buy.

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1. Flashlight

Many people think that a flashlight is only a necessity in our homes, in case of a power outage, however, a flashlight is one of the essentials that should be included in your EDC gear. A small but reliable flashlight in your bag can be helpful in many cases.

Yes, you can use your smartphone’s flashlight in many situations, but what if your phone’s battery died and you’re stuck in a dark road? In addition to that, a phone’s flashlight is not that powerful and won’t be helpful in severe situations.

For example, if you get a flat tire while you’re driving on a dark road, you won’t be able to rely on your phone and you’ll need a flashlight so you can change the tire. That’s why including a flashlight in your EDC gear is essential.

2. Stun Gun

It’s not safe to walk alone in the streets without having anything to defend yourself with, especially if you’re walking at night. Carrying a stun gun could save your life if you were attacked. When you’re searching for stun guns online, you will find many sizes, colors, and shapes; some of them look like a phone, car keys, flashlights, or even pens.

It’s also important to note that it’s legal to buy stun guns online in most jurisdictions, however, you should check the voltage of the stun gun before purchasing it so you can ensure that it will shock your attacker and give you enough time to run away. Stun guns are usually small in size so you can easily hide in your pockets, and use it when needed.

3. Knife

Carrying a pocket knife wherever you go is not just for self-defense. Even if you don’t know how to use one, it’s preferable to have it with you all the time. A good sharp knife can assist you in many situations, especially knives that have other tools along with it. A knife might seem essential if you’re camping, but even in everyday life, a knife could be helpful and should be included in your EDC gear.

4. Multipurpose Pen

We all use it in our day-to-day life, so why not have a multipurpose pen that could serve you in an emergency? A multipurpose pen is a regular pen made with a high-grade metal that could break the glass. The multipurpose pen can save your life in many emergencies, and it will not consume any space in your pockets or bag as it has the same size as an ordinary pen.

5. Multi-Tool Wallet

A multi-tool wallet looks like a regular wallet but has enough space to carry your EDC gear. This wallet is ideal for those who don’t carry essential EDC gear because they consume a lot of space. The multi-tool wallet will collect all of your EDC gear in one place so you can use any tool without spending time searching for it. The multi-tool wallet could hold your knife, stun gun, pen, screwdriver, and other tools depending on its size.

6. Paracord

A parachute cord or a paracord is one of the strongest types of cords that you can use. It’s lightweight and has many purposes that could be helpful to you. If you’re into camping or fishing, having a paracord in your bag is a must as you can use the inner core for fishing line, or tie up your gear. However, if you don’t go on outdoor adventures, you can get a paracord bracelet. You can use a paracord bracelet whenever you want, and at the same time, it won’t consume any space.

7. Keychain

Cat ear knuckles are known to be one of the most important self-defense tools, however, just like other tools, we might forget it. That’s why cat ear knuckles, Kubotans, and similar tools are better bought small-sized so you can attach them to your keychain.

When you buy a cat ear knuckle keychain, you will ensure that it will be with you all the time. EDC gear can vary from one person to another based on their day-to-day routine, the type of outdoor adventures they go on, and where they live; but the above tools are essential to almost everyone as they can be useful in many situations, and could even save your life if you were attacked. However, when purchasing any of these EDC gear online, you should ensure that they are legal in your country or state because some states don’t allow certain tools.

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