7 Ways To Fix Slow Cable Internet

How do you fix slow cable Internet? – Well, imagine streaming the finale of your favorite TV series, and suddenly, something goes wrong, and your internet slows down instantly. You can see that small wheel spinning round and round right in front of you, and a wave of rage and annoyance hits you.

Just a second ago, you were all excited and thrilled while indulging in your favorite show, and the lagging internet speed messed it all up for you. However, it could have been worse. You could have been in the middle of an important Zoom meeting and snap! A sluggish cable internet would have gotten you into trouble, highlighting the critical need for reliable internet service for businesses.

The gist of it is that a slow internet connection creates chaos in your personal and professional life. Fret not. You can fix it. Begin with avoiding it completely in the first place by choosing something speedy and reliable enough like any of the RCN internet packages to avert such a nuisance. That is how you can minimize the chances of confronting any such situation beforehand.

Regardless, it is also true that no matter how top-notch and trustworthy your internet connection is, you can still confront slowing speed issues at times. Well, whatsoever the case, here we are with the best ways to boost your slow cable internet and not let it hinder your online routines and activities. Dive in to find out all about these life-saving tips and tricks.

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1. Stay Near The Router

As simple as it may sound, it still works wonders. Nowadays, since we are more used to wireless networks, therefore, one of the first things to do is to move your devices closer to the router. This might fix most of the issues regarding dropping signals. Make sure you place the router at a central spot to improve the signal strength.

2. Keep Your Wi-Fi Router Clean

Well, one of the things we often seem to ignore is dirt and dust that can build up in your router’s hardware and slow down your internet speeds to a great extent, by reducing the cooling properties. The overheating of the router can result in its malfunctioning, causing it to crawl.

3. Use A Good Antivirus

An antivirus not only protects your data against virus, worm, spyware, or malware but also prevents them from slowing down your connection. If any malware enters your system, it can cause the programs and applications to either halt or slow down terribly. So, running a regular antivirus scan and enabling its auto-update features can, in turn, improve your network speed.

4. Check If Cables Are Properly Plugged

If any of the cables of the internet are poorly fitted, they can result in crawling speeds. So, check if all the cables are properly plugged in the sockets, and make sure to replace any faulty cables.

5. Boost Your Browser Speed

Maybe, it is not your cable internet that is the problem rather your browser in slowing things down. So, it is time to clean your browser history and get rid of any temporary files. Also, turn off any option that is responsible for showing random images or playing ads and videos automatically, depending on the browser you are using. This altogether will boost your browser performance, so you can experience better speeds.

6. Keep A Check On Data Overage

Data overages almost always result in slowing internet speeds. While some of the ISPs will charge additional data overage fees, others will also impose data throttling. It is recommended to subscribe to internet plans with no data caps to prevent this from happening, or choose your data plan with a sufficient data limit so you do not experience any bandwidth throttling.

7. Upgrade Your Current Internet Plan

Another valid thing you can do to experience better internet speed is to step up your ISP plan. You can switch to a plan offering a higher internet speed that can cater to your online requirements in a better way.

The faster the speed, the higher the price tag. However, you can research a bit, and find out the most suitable speed internet plan that comes at a more affordable cost. If your current provider does not have any other better plan, you can always change your ISP by terminating your current contract and switching to a more reliable, faster, and less expensive internet providers near you.

Fix Slow Cable Internet – Wrapping Up

Subscribing to a super-fast cable internet plan and then following the aforementioned tips and tricks to make the most out of it can enable you to enjoy blazing fast internet speeds. Make sure your router is centrally placed and clean, you have a good antivirus installed, the browser speed is optimal and there is no data overage issue. If nothing works, you can always switch to a better internet service provider or upgrade your plan.

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