9 Leading Rapid Application Development Tools

Traditional applications were created around 20 years ago and it has been said that even longer ago 20 years. Most of the people called traditional apps “really old” or “ancient” and even “dinosaur”. All these applications run on a mainframe environment or the client or server environment. Traditional applications are the old workhorses that have been not retired yet.

Moving towards Rapid Application Development then it is a kind of development model that priorities rapid prototyping and instant feedback on long drawn out development and testing cycles.

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Application development has four phases that cover business modeling, process modeling, data modeling, and testing and turnover. The major steps that it covers requirements defining, receiving feedback, prototyping, and software finalizing. – “Global Rapid Application Development Market is Expected to Reach USD 95.2 Billion by 2025: Fior Markets

Why Opt For Using Rapid Application Development Process

Rapid Delivery

Divide the project into different modules and treat every module as an individual prototype for time-saving. Go for testing the prototypes separately and hold together all components for creating the final application. This will support fast delivery with fewer errors.

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Quick Market Analysis

Separately test every prototype and survey all the prospects for the enhancements. This will allow you to create the necessary changes in one model of the application and not the  complete development process.

User’s Feedback

The waterfall development model is pursued by late delivery and the application becomes complete until the app launch time. The Rapid Application Development model finds out the user’s requirements and further development is done if there is still any market requirement.

Easily Supports The Ongoing Changes

Elements of multiple apps are simultaneously processed. This will make it easy to opt for changes and no type of process for management.

System Integration

All of the modules will get integrated as well as synced from the starting point. This will enable fast delivery and will minimize the number of errors.

Risk Control

Using the RAD process, you will be able to pay attention to all the risk factors every early in the process and discuss all of them till the development work goes on. Risks can be put on hold till the final version appears and set you for managing several risks that you had not to consider in the beginning time.

Top & Trendy Rapid Application Development Tools



  • For starter – $450 – 30 users
  • For growing – $590 – 50 users
  • For enterprise – $1000 – 100 users

Tagline – “Automate Work And Reduce Chaos”

It is the first Unified Digital Workplace platform that will permit you to handle all the work in one single place. This is one of the best RAD tools for automating all the work without creating any chaos.

It has been believed by Kissflow that people who are close to the chaos always know how to fix it in the best manner. More than 10000 customers across more than 160 countries are making use of Kissflow. That’s why the platform has been developed for helping businesses to discover, modify, build and make use of business apps.

Every app is created with the essence of beauty and the latest technology for assisting even the non-technical businesses for building awesome apps. In this, there is no need for complex mapping or coding.

Zoho Creator


  • Basic – Rs.699/user that has 3 apps and 25,000 records
  • Premium – Rs. 1200/user that has 50 apps and unlimited records

Tagline – “Build – Integrate – Extend”

We all know that the future is digital and every business is transforming to achieve the new level of digital trends. Zoho Creator is a low coding platform that will provide you the power of making shift swiftly, security and seamless instead of its complex set of needs and expertise in coding.

This platform is used for creating native mobile apps quickly. Develop applications on the web and publish and utilize them on your Android and iOS devices having access to multi-platform.



  • Basic – US$4000/month
  • Standard – US$10000/month

Tagline – “Innovate With No Limits”

OutSystems is considered as the best low-code platform. It has been developed by the team of experienced engineers who had given all efforts to make it a worthy platform. Moreover the platform is highly useful for building swift applications.

With the help of OutSystems, you will get error-free deployment of your all applications, on-premises and in the cloud. Also, you will get real-time performing dashboards for delivering scalable apps. OutSystems offers you the latest security for your apps and they can get integrated with any system without much effort.

Visual LANSA


  • Entery level – $16.66 user/month
  • Mid-tier – $13.34 user/month
  • Enterprise – $8.34 user/month

Tagline – “Low-Code – High Control – No Limitations”

Lansa has a low-code development platform. With the help of this platform, you can make your enterprise application development process much easier.

LANSA controls everything in the development process. It is a powerful low-code IDE platform for creating desktop, and mobile applications.

You can create apps quickly and at an affordable range of cost. It provides extensive testing and deployment and integration controls. Many popular companies are making use of LANSA globally. It can write code inside the IDE and the low-code can run on the IBMi, and windows.



  • Free – $0/user/month
  • Bronze/Starter – $4/user/month
  • Silver/Premium – $19/user/month
  • Gold/Ultimate – $999/user/month

Tagline – “Spark Innovation With A New Workflow”

It is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool. GitLab make use of an open-source license and this license has been created by GitLab Inc. The Git-repository manager offers some of the top features like issue-tracking and more such. Earlier the code of GitLab was written in Ruby but later it got modified and replaced by Go programming language.

Later it has been evolved to integrate a solution that covers the software development life cycle and then to the complete DevOps life cycle. The latest technology stack covers Go, Vue.js, and Ruby on Rails. You can try this one if you’re a Vue JS development agency.



  • Free – Learn Appian and create new apps
  • Standard – $60 USD, Infrequent – $18 USD, External Input – $2 USD
  • Flat Fee – One fixed price/app, unlimited users

Tagline – “Automate More – Code Less – Deliver Powerful Applications Faster”

Appian has an intelligent automated platform.

Organizations can leverage through Appian as it has the ability to craft smart apps for boosting customer engagement and improving success rate of your business. If we talk about security then you don’t have to worry about it as it takes care of security concerns especially in the case of critical apps.

Appian’s drag and drop tool offers simplicity for developers to create apps. It’s AI services are native and hence they offers benefit in the development process. The most important feature of Appian is that you can actually integrate enterprise data and web services without even writing any code.

Salesforce Lightning


  • Lightning Platform Starter – $25/user/month
  • Lightning Platform Plus – $100/user/month

Tagline – “The Future Of Sales And CRM”

Salesforce Lightning platform helps in creating mobile apps by providing utmost security feature. Salesforce Lightning is the best from all Rapid Application Development platforms for creating the best mobile apps. Salesforce Lightning has some of the awesome features that helps in integrating Salesforce, embedding Artificial Intelligence and more such. It’s pro-code tools are the best part about this platform as there will allow you to use any type of programming language for creating app.

Building mobile apps become more easier when you are making use of no-code builders. Developers can easily work while creating complicated workflows as the Lightning process builder make it all easy.



  • Starter – $2.00/month/user
  • Premium – $5/user/month

Tagline – “Built For Professional Teams”

Bitbucket offers the team one place for planning projects, collaborating on codes, and testing and deploying. It is more than just a Git code management. You can keep your projects aligned by crafting Bitbucket branches from Jira issues or Trello cards.

It allows you to create, test, and deploy integrated CI/CD. You can benefit from configuration as it gets code and fast feedback loops. Keep your code secure inside the Cloud using IP whitelisting and necessary two-step verification. Stop the access of some users and keep an eye on their actions using brand permission and merge their checks for quality code.



  • Standard – $950/month and unlimited users for 100 processes
  • Enterprise – $1300/month and unlimited sets for 100 processes

Tagline – “Automate Processes Across Your Organization”

It is a powerful platform with a set of integrated, intuitive and intelligent solutions that will empower business lines and IT professionals for unlocking the transformational leveraging businesses of intelligent process automation technologies.

Nintex platform has all the capabilities for improving the workflow, modern forms, process mapping and management and mobile apps, and process intelligence. Only with clicks, Nintex is faster and simpler as compared to public and private sector organizations for automating and optimizing business processes.

Wrap Up

When you are in the need of a project to get completed quickly, you can opt for the best Rapid Application Development services from the market. Also, when you can test your Prototypes and contains a good budget, then also you can use RAD tools and complete your work smoothly. We have explained the most popular tools with all the details that would be helpful for you to pick one as per your business need.

If you are interested in even more technology-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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