Mercator Cell Phone: The Holographic Wrist Phone UI Is Here!

With the giant leaps that technology is making each and every year, only time will tell when we will walk around with no worries in the world about screen size, QWERTY keyboards or packaging. It will be whatever we want it to be. Imagine just having one button, much like the iPhone, but everything else is much different. It will become an entirely new way of taking care of all our daily business.

The dream of having our own holographic wrist phone is not too far off actually. A designer group called Kingyo Design has already spent some time coming up with a neat user interface that we would be able to, in time, produce to be fitted into the wrist phone. As you might have figured out, it won’t happen anytime soon since the technology to create holographic images isn’t cost effective enough yet to be produced in any large quantity.

However, the idea is thrilling and it touches the edginess of movies like Dr. Gadget and Secret Agent. My only concern is, of course, privacy. How on earth will I be able to hide my contact list for example if my entire screen is plastered in mid air for everyone to see? Holographic views and wrist phone sure, but could we first solve the problem of privacy or do I have to go to a secluded corner every time my phone rings or every time I need to call one of my friends? The thoughts are many…