A Lady Gaga Piano Surfaces: Fit For A Fashion Icon Diva

Anyone who has been to a Lady Gaga concert knows how elaborate her designs and fashion are. Not only is she pimping out on the stage, she is equally as flamboyant when she’s off stage too. There has really only been one official picture taken of her when she was not wearing her outlandish outfits. That photo was taken at the gym, where she supposedly works out every now and then. That’s the only official photo released through the media.

Recently a designer named Apostol Tnokovski visited one of her concerts where he found that everything about the show was in perfect harmony with her way of dressing up. Well, everything except that old, usual looking piano that accompanies her on stage. With a mind full of inspiration from her outstanding performance, he decided to go back home and see if he could do something about it. The “Hydra” was born.

With inspiration taken from a mythological sea monster, the design is as fashionable as Lady Gaga herself. It’s a perfect match in every sense. With the sleek lines and the oversize cabinet, the piano is probably going to take its own trailer just to have it moved to the next location. However, that hasn’t stopped the Lady Gaga crew before, right?