A Magazine Is Just A Broken iPad: Best Steve Jobs Tribute Ever

One week after the death of Steve Jobs, I compiled my favorite 50 tributes to him in a post called The 50 Best Steve Jobs Tributes From All Over The World. However, the tribute I want to show you in this article, which was uploaded to YouTube the day after Steve Jobs died, is the very best one I’ve seen yet.

We’ve written before how the generation of children born now is the first true generation of digital natives since they will be exposed to our all day, every day use of technology from the moment they are born. Most 2-5 year old children can play a computer game or a smartphone game, but they can’t ride a bike or tie their shoes yet.

Jean-Louis Constanza, the father of this beautiful little girl below, says on YouTube, “For my 1 year old daughter, a magazine is an iPad that does not work. It will remain so for her whole life. Steve Jobs has coded part of her OS.” This proves that Apple products are just so freaking intuitive. Well, either that, or it proves we were all dumb at that age. I haven’t quite decided. Either way, I love it. This video has gone viral many times over in the past week, and it definitely deserves a place here on Bit Rebels.

Baby Plays With iPad

Via: [dvice] Header Image Credit: [menagamer]